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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-08-05 11:44:00

TWE Chattanooga “The Night Before”

8/4/22 - Red Bank, TN 

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Uncharted Territory may be done but the TWE Arena is hosting the pre-game party for this weekend’s Scenic City Invitational Tournament! MOSE is your announcer and joins Daniel Makabe at the commentary table! Let’s gooooo!

Match 1: “Mr Machismo” Rico Gonzalez vs “Space Jesus” Billie Starkz 

A little SCI vs Action Futures opener kicks off this card. Very even back and forth through the opening minutes but Billie is starting to show signs of wear on her back. Billie starts to uncork her more aggressive side and goes to stomp and heavy strikes. Are we getting a taste of Bully Starkz? Rico tries to slingshot in but he slips and crashes to the floor. “he did this to himself count him out” says Starkz. Billie with a baseball slide as he tries to recover and unloads the beatdown. Rico firing back up, armdrags strikes…Rico popped up and comes down with a lariat! Great spot. Billie with a kick to the face and a gory bomb…close two! Swanton connects!  Rico’s out again! Billie pulls him up and blasts a jumping tombstone. Billie gets the three but Rico foot falls on the rope and Ref Kim misses it. Even Billie knows it was a rope break and calls out Dylan Hales to play sheriff and restart the match. Rico has been pointing to his leg the whole time so he’s getting his chance. Is this good? Billie unloads with heavy chest kicks and goes for a Rubix Cube. Rico reverses, reverse elbow drop! Curb stomp spike into the apron! Dive slams Billie’s head into the apron again! Rico goes for the head kick. Billie picks him up for the Rubix Cube again…victory roll from Rico! Billie reverses it and arches back! Starkz gets the three and it’s definitely clean this time! This was a lot of fun and if that was a shoot ref botch on the first finish, Rico and Billie definitely took it home even better in those last couple of minutes. 

Winner: Billie Starkz

Match 2: “The Million Dollar Mullet” Zach Moseley vs “Bittersweet Scum” Sean Campbell 

Campbell gets a handful of that mullet and uses it to control Moseley. He rolls Zach headfirst into the buckles for two. Moseley wins an exchange of blows but Sean just ya J’s him down by his hair again. Moseley gets his knees up on a moonsault and it’s time to get some payback. Crowd trying to get Campbell back into it with those KOBK chants but he fires up and posts himself. Zach with a northern lights for two. Dodge and a German from Campbell makes some space! Campbell goes for a pumphandle…Mosley struggles and rakes the eye of Ref Gina. Zach with a sneaky low shot and sliced bread for the pin!

Winner: Zach Moseley

The TWE champ Merc is out here and on the mic, Glory Be! He’s got a bone to pick with Derek Neal…who is definitely NOT here tonight. Merc wants to give an opportunity to someone who deserves it though…it’s an Open Challenge! Hardway Heeter answers!!!

Match 3: M*E*R*C(c) vs Hardway Heeter (for the TWE Championship)

These two bulls decide to test each other’s jaw at the outset. Merc with a somersault slingshot and PK for two. Heeter takes the champ off the second with a saito for two. Some big moves and near falls so early in this championship bout. Merc with the heavy kicks but Heeter lands another Saito for two. Merc getting pummeled in the corner, Heeter with a reverse chokeslam and another near fall. Merc out with Kawada kicks and a knee drop to the back of the head, targeting that surgically repaired neck of Heeter. Heeter getting rocked as Merc keeps the pain coming….big clothesline drop Merc hard. He tries the reverse chokeslam again but Merc falls into a crossface and taps Heeter out immediately!

Winner: Merc

Derek Neal on the monitor. He calls Merc a fighting champion but this isn’t about Merc. This is about Derek Neal and how he wants redemption for not winning the TWE championship a couple years ago. So Aug 27th, he’s calling his shot. Derek Neal plans to take everything from The Generalissimo.

Match 4: “Tennessee Sunshine” Billy Tipton vs Carson Dilbeck 

Tipton with the strength advantage, he offers a handshake but Carson wraps it up. It’s not to be,  Tipton blasts a gutbuster. Big back suplex and Carson has to go for the ropes. Carson hits a stunner. He goes for a rana but misses hard. Tipton deadlifts powerbombs him. One full Nelson slam later and Carson takes the three in under 2 minutes. Wow.

Winner: Billy Tipton

Carson is furious and yelling at the crowd for booing him. Dylan Bales comes down to try and talk sense into him but gets shoved. Carson takes the ring again and the music of KRULE rings through the building. Carson dives at him but gets bounced off the wall and chokeslammed to the apron. The crowd chanting for Krule as he goes back into the ring to hit Scorched Earth and adds to his TWE body count. Hot finish to the first half of the show! 


We abort the intermission for Krule to hit a reverse chokeslam on Dilbeck and yeets him out of the ring. Krule drags him up the ramp and we go to intermission for real.

(Intermission actually this time)

Match 5: Bobby Flaco vs Noah Hossman

Bob’s here! Flaco rides in on a dirt bike for his battle against the Discovery Gauntlet winner?!? Handshake of respect between these two favorites. This all Bob to start and he almost brings it how with a high cross body. Aye-oooooo! Hossman with a big lariat turns the tide. Handspring elbow in the corner. Long delay vertical suplex. Fight spills to the floor and Hossman just tosses Flaco and crashes him hard into the apron. He goes for the Doctor bomb but Flaco goes for the rollups. Boss man catches a clothesline, headbutt to the chest! Cannonbaaaaaaall….whiffs! Noah tries a powerslam…ddt reversal! Noah with a near fall on a reverse ddt! Noah takes Bobby up but eats post…sunset flip Bomb! Flaco hits the springboard cutter! Kick out! A year later and Hossman can kick out of that this time. Flaco with a springboard and Hossman lariats him in the back of the head. Flaco crumbles and Noah picks him up for the match-ending Doctor Bomb! Lot of respect between these two after the match.

Winner: Noah Hossman

Pete Youngblood is out here for his war with Tank. But he has his Fundamental Violence partners with him. The numbers might be stacked against the Deathmatch legend today. The Reverend points out that it’s Pete’s birthday so it can also be his death day! 

Match 6: Pete Youngblood (w/ Brogan Finlay & Damion Turner) vs Tank (w/ The Reverend)

Pete is naturally hesitant to engage with the Bloodbath Behemoth. The crowd is all over Pete. He baits a test of strength but opts to go huddle with the boys. The Reverend screams them apart and Pete is back to do something….he slaps Tank, Pete runs for the hill and his boys blast Tank with the TWE tag belts! Ring the bell!

Winner: Tank (by DQ)

The Squatting Dragons are out here to make the save! Dylan Hales is out here again to make a 6-man tag. He even takes away the tag belts to keep them from being a factor tonight!

Match 7: Fundamental Violence (Pete Youngblood, Brogan Finlay & Damion Turner) vs Erron Wade, Coach Kody Manhorn & Tank (w/ The Reverend)

Manhorn is still limping from his injury on Uncharted Territory and he can’t really squat. Turner uses that as a target for some violence. Coach’s knee might be a liability in this contest as he takes a huge pile of abuse from all three opponents. Coach finally blasts Brogan with a headbutt and gets a tag to Wade! He unloads a flurry of kicks to Pete and Turner but Brogan in with a cutter to take control again. Wade catches Brogan with a dragon sleeper. FC in to interfere….Tank in and prevents Ref Gina from stopping him. Big chokebreaker! Saito! Backfist to the birthday boy. Squatting dragons with a total eliminator variation to get the three! Tank gives Pete a spanking in the ring after! For dessert, Kody gets Tank to pick him up and do some SQUAAAAAATS!

Winners: Tank & The Squatting Dragons

Main Event: “Number One” Jaden Newman vs 1 Called Manders

Newman showing off his graps early, Manders gets his feet to the ropes but ref Kim misses the rope break and he needs a moment to clear his head. Jaden taunting the cowboy hard and almost baits him into an early hangman’s clutch. Manders switches tactics and starts bouncing Newman off of every surface he can find. He tries to put Newman to sleep…victory roll escape! Big cowboy shoulder block on the apron! Slingshot elbow drop for two! Manders states down the camera in frustration. Newman rocks Manders with a flatliner! Meteora for two! He tries a Ricola bomb but Manders is too beef for that. Manders hits the Oklahoma stampede! Kick out! Newman wraps up the hangman’s clutch! Manders powers to the ropes! Newman tries the Ricola bomb again…Manders hits the big cowboy lariats! Trading shot…up to the top…Manders hits a powerslam off the top! Kick out! Mander tries a four corners stampede…Jaden slips it! Hangman’s clutch is on and Manders is stuck! Tap out!

Winner: Jaden Newman


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