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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-08-04 23:33:00

Wrestling Open Week 31

8/4/22 - Worcester, MA

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Liiiiiive from the World Famous White Eagle, it’s Wrestling Open! After an action packed show last week, we have the semifinals of the Eliminator Cup tonight! Who will go to the finals?!?

Spotlight Match: “The Shot Caller” Pedro Dones vs Dyln McKay

Pedro Dones calls his shot against McKay’s knee after seeing a nice flip on his entrance. McKay showing off while he can, cool apron pele kick. Whiff on a shooting star. Dones shoulder blocks the knee out of a leapfrog and gets to work on that limb. He Goes for a stretch muffler but McKay fights it off. Slam that knee into the mat and wraps it up again. McKay trying to sneak a series of rollups. McKay with a dropkick to Dones’ knee! He goes for the shooting star again but lands hard on the knee. The Shot Caller wraps up that leg in a stretch muffler and McKay has to tap out!

Winner: Pedro Dones

And we’re live on IWTV! Paul Crockett & Sam Laterna are on commentary! Rich Palladino is your announcer. Let’s gooooo!

Match 1: The Stetson Ranch (Steven Stetson & BRG w/ his trusty steed Clip Clop) vs Miracle Generation (Dustin Waller & Kylon King) (Saturn & Kronus Eliminator Cup Semi-Finals)

By hook or by crook, the Stetson Ranch has improbably made it to the semis. Against them, the Miracle Generation has put on a pair of the best tag matches we’ve seen in Wrestling Open to get here. Stetson comes right in against Kylon, he might be a rich a**hole but he has pride and the crowd is constantly reminding him that they don’t think he belongs here. Kylon and Waller showing their tag team prowess early and working over Stetson’s arms in tandem. BRG in to make the save but he becomes a punching bag too. Wheelbarrow press splash & a shooting star from Waller. Stetson takes Waller out under the ropes and BRG hits a suicide dive to Miracle Generation! Whatever it takes. Stetson Ranch working over Waller with a mix of hard shots and questionable offense from the outside. Kylon with the hot tag, dropping both ranch members. Sick pop up German. Stetson booted to the outside! BRG set up for a lethal inj….Stetson’s back in and catches him! Waller tossed to the ropes and comes back off with a double cutter! Stetson booted back to the outside. BRG hit with the power plex….BRG gets a foot on the rope! BRG takes Kylon off the apron. Waller springboards right into a BRG spear! BRG is furious, tired of hearing about Miracle Generation and unloads on Waller. Stetson comes in to hit the big lariat, Waller ducks and BRG gets blasted instead. Miracle with a double high kick to Stetson and a falcon arrow powerbomb combo to BRG punch their tickets to the finals!!! This was really good!

Winners: Miracle Generation

Match 2: Reid Walker vs Ichiban

Reid has been in tag action several times but this is an exciting singles debut for the H20 kid. Hot and fast out the gate, Reid and Ichiban having a game of oneupsmanship through a sequence of flips, arm drags and leapfrogs. Walker with a cool running corkscrew senton after getting annoying at having that number one finger in His face. Ichiban firing up with so many punches and elbows but he trips up on a springboard. Reid tries a backslide and just blasts him with a German. Walker landing hard shots to the head, Ichiban staggered. Walker slingshots off the top but Ichiban jumps and takes him out of the air with a flatliner for the win!

Winner: Ichiban 

Match 3: Primal Fear (Adrian Soriano & Matthew Omen) vs Hispanic Mechanics (Jos A & Jos B)

How will Primal Fear deal with the crowd love and dance energy of the Mechanics. Soriano wants to fight but A takes him for an airplane ride. B wants to party and gets the crowd clapping…that proves a mistake. Primal Fear takes A off the apron and double team B with aggressive strikes. A gets in there and they quit their dancing antics to blast Soriano with a Scaffold slam for the win! If they can focus like that in the weeks to come, they may be a force to be reckoned with in the Wrestling Open tag scene.

Winner: Hispanic Mechanics

Match 4: “Big Bacon” Brad Hollister vs “The V Guy” Vaughn Vertigo

Vertigo is here from Toronto to make his debut…against a very confident Hollister. Vertigo doesn’t back down but Bacon puts the hurt on this guy. Heavy German. Big headbutt. Vertigo trying to fight back but Bacon is in kill mode. Hollister with an F5 out of the ring and Vertigo bounces off the apron face first. Vertigo still has life and blocks the dead lift jackhammer….senton from the top! Shining wizard! Hollister kicks out. Vertigo tries to follow it up but comes running into Bacon’s grasp and a powerbomb. Hollister puts a cherry on it with a tornado jackhammer and does him in.

Winner: Brad Hollister

Match 5: The Church of Greatness (Anastasia Morningstar, Steve Azure & Steve Somerset w/ Brother Greatness) vs Locked & Loaded (Dan Barry & 50 Cal) and JC Storm

Brother Greatness joins Paul Crockett on commentary and tortures his ear holes with his sinner talk. JC Storm cant match the power of Morningstar. 50 Cal is almost too much for the Steven’s but they hit a Magic Killer and flip the tide back for the church. 50 Cal with a German and tag to Dan Barry. Brother Greatness is very unhappy from commentary. Dan Barry handling everyone himself but tags in JC and 50 for some dives. JC goes for her but Anastasia slides in and gives her a face full of “holy water” mist and a big slam secures the W for the Church!

Winners: The Church of Greatness 

Match 6: JGeorge vs Tyree Taylor

After their last encounter a few months back, JGeorge tries to cast Tyree in one of his movies instead of wrestling. Tyree doesn’t feel like going straight to the gas station dvd bin so let’s fight instead. JGeorge looks more prepared this time. Crockett jokes that this is like a directors cut of their last match. JGeorge can’t stop talking at the camera and that gives Tyree time to recover from the initial flurry and destroy him with a sky high powerbomb. 

Winner: Tyree Taylor

Tyree Taylor gets the mic and calls Brad Hollister out. Bacon even comes out to face him…from the floor, I guess but he’s here. Tyree points out that he could have taken out Hollister at any point in the back or the street…but he wants to do it by the book. Next week. No Time Limit. If he loses, he’ll never speak Hollister’s name again. Brad says only if Tyree beats a mystery opponent next week. Brad works the crowd and his rival beautifully here. They wanna know the opponent? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK. 

Match 7: “The Frat Star” Dante Drago vs Marcus Mathers 

Drago orders a drink from the ring and refuses to tip then. Helllllll no. Marcus all over Drago but he’s hiding on the ropes. Fake of the eyes as the ref is distracted and Mathers tossed to the floor. Drago is all over Mathers and trying to put Mr IWTV down. Mathers with a dropkick into a flurry of actions. Cutter for two. Dragon escapes a powerbomb and gets into a forearm scrap. Mathers wins the flurry, Drago reverses the finish with a headbutt rebound lariat! Mathers reverses Drago to the powerbomb and hits a gutwrench slam for the win!

Winner: Marcus Mathers

Match 8: Channing Thomas & JP Grayson (w/ Sidney Bakabella vs Shook Crew (Bobby Orlando & Bryce Donovan w/ Bobby Jr)

Bobby Junior may have made a full recovery but Bakabella still holding onto that bit of throat fur he cut out of the goat a few weeks ago. Shook Crew wants revenge for Channing costing them their spot in the Eliminator Cup last week. Bakabella does his darndest to keep the wheel in world class hands. Orlando with a great mule kick escape and gets to Bryce! Black Hole Slam and an Anaconda Vice almost wraps it up…Bakabella’s on the apron! Channing with the ambush but Bryce has it scouted and sends Channing flying. Bakabella and Channing head for the curtain as Shook Crew isolates JP. Bryce spikes JP with a piledriver while staring down Channing. Orlando with a dab elbow drop closes this out!

Winners: Shook Crew

Brian Johnson storms out here. He calls Alec Price a “consolation prize”. Mecca is a MVP. Worcester already hates him. This was a great way to introduce himself…but now he has Price to deal with.

Match 9: “The Mecca” Brian Johnson vs “The Prize” Alec Price

Johnson is so intense and Price is using that to his advantage early, giving his head a little tussle like the cute angry guy he is. Price on a role, Johnson baits the ref and crotches Price on the top buckle. Johnson unloading on Price. Big back elbow across the ring. Price turned inside out on a clothesline but won’t stay down. Price firing up, half and half, corner kicks and Mecca is out on the floor. Price wipes his butt with Johnson’s “Mecca vs Everyone” flag before diving out at him. Johnson tosses the flag into the ref’s eyes. Poke to the eye! Is Mecca about to steal one? He grabs the mic to yell at the crowd for calling him garbage and demands Price quit. Price hits a Pedrigree! “Youreeeeeeeee garbage!” He yells into the mic as he blasts a Suprize kick for the win!

Winner: Alec Price

Price still has the mic, what does our Northeast Beast want? Well, Americanrana is coming…and Price wants to see us all here…but he still needs a match. He’s calling his shots and he wants to kill a Beyond OG. He wants a funky monkey. HE WANTS ANGEL ORTIZ!

Main Event: Waves & Curls (Traevon Jordan & Jaelyn Brandyn) vs Brick City Boyz (JCruz & Victor Chase) (Saturn & Kronus Eliminator Cup Semifinals)

A war that started in the Uncharted Territory Season 3 Discovery Gauntlet adds another chapter tonight. Who joins the Miracle Generation in the finals tonight? Traevon and Chase head to head early but it devolves into tag team chaos quickly. Both these teams know each other well. Bricks Chase Jaelyn around but we wind up in a staredown in the ring. Big brawl! Traevon goes for a dive but eats a kick. Victor is gonna dive?!? Airball! He wipes out Cruz! Cruz escapes a good pin flurry and just smashes Jaelyn into Jordan’s back. Jaelyn taking a brick city beatdown, getting wishboned and ground down on the mat. Brandyn with a desperate grab to the rope and gets the tag to Jordan! Body splashes in the corner! Cruz eats a shatter machine! Kick out! That’s two big finishes Cruz has endured. Chase boots Brandyn off the apron. Double spike piledriver to Jordan! Brandyn makes the save! Crowd fired up for Waves & Curls! BCB eats a leg lariat ddt combo! Chase in the electric chair…doomsday crossbody! Chase kicks out! They go for the wave check…Cruz pulls Brandyn out and to the chairs! Jordan blocks a low blow from Chase  it Cruz runs through and blasts him with a brick in head while the ref checks on Jaelyn. Brick City steals the win and now finds themselves in the finals against the team that took them out of the Discovery Gauntlet! <packs some bricks>

Winners: Brick City Boyz

Ray Jaz is out here with a steel chair. He says actions have consequences and he refuses to leave the ring until someone MAKES him. Marcus Mathers’ music hits but Jaz is looking to the curtain. Mathers flies in from behind and gets the chair. Jaz vacates the ring immediately. Marcus has a tip of the day for this Jazbag. The action: Ray Jaz choking him out after his match. The consequence: Marcus Mathers vs Ray Jaz on Aug 21st at NO RESPECT!

And that’s it for this week of wrestling Open! The tag tournament matches have been outstanding week over week but the rest of the card has been highlighting just how deep that division can be on Thursdays. Reid Walker and Ichiban was a low key banger and I’ve been very much enjoying the escalation of tensions between Tyree and Hollister. The Finals are coming. No Respect is coming. Americanrana is coming. See you next Thursday! 


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