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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-04 08:38:00

WWE filed a trademark on Io Shirai's new ring name of Iyo Sky on 7/31, backing comments made by Dakota Kai on The Bump yesterday that her return to WWE was a last minute decision that quickly came together.  WWE routinely files trademarks for new ring names well before the talents appear under those guises.  7/31 was the actual date of Summerslam and Sky's debut on the main roster.

While Bayley had been expected to be at Summerslam, prior to the new creative regime of Triple H coming into effect, there were no concrete plans for her to actually appear on the PPV. is also told that Dakota Kai's deal to return was put together quickly but at the last minute as she did not travel to Nashville until the night before and was kept under the cover of darkness from everyone backstage inside a bus.

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