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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-03 10:00:00

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Does this feel like the weakest SummerSlam card in history to you or is it just me?

It sure did but then Vince McMahon resigned and the new regime did a great job in making it a memorable show.  Raw on Monday was much better too.  We have hope!

Is it me or has Tony Khan totally lost it as a booker?

It’s not you.  While there are a significant amount of people who like the product that Tony gives them, people like me, who enjoy good storyline and character development, aren’t getting what we want from AEW right now.  Tony still wins most Wednesday nights in the demo, but this time last year he was doing a much better number.  Right now, his hardcore fans are watching but others have stopped.  Good booking could get them back.  He should take note of that.  After all, Raw did a 0.61 in the demo this week.

Tony Khan has so many great wrestling minds around him.  How is he booking such bad TV?

Simple, he doesn't listen to them.  He is giving us his vision and I agree, over the last few months it has gotten really bad.

Now that the Levesques are in the driver's seat at WWE, do you think there's any chance that they'll back away from the company's ridiculous "independent contractor" stance and start giving their performers health insurance and pensions?

Honestly?  I don’t see that happening in the near future.  Plus, the thing you need to remember is this.  Let’s say they have budgeted $250,000 a year for a talent.  If they have to pay the social security tax, plus benefits, they will be offering the talent much, much less.  All of the money that they pay out will come off of the offer made to an independent contractor.

In reading and listening to the Gresham incident, I’m reminded of Low-Ki and how he tries to present himself. Are there similarities or are these two totally different scenarios?

Well, they are both smaller guys, at least in height.  Gresham is bigger and stronger than Ki is/was, but he’s also shorter.  I think in Gresham’s case it was more the lack of communication from Tony Khan than anything.

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