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By Mike Johnson on 2022-07-31 22:54:00 is told that Ric Flair was checked out by two doctors backstage in Nashville after his PPV bout and we are told he is "great", according to someone who spoke with him after the show.  The doctors were waiting for him the second he returned to the locker room area.  He was obviously spent after the bout but after resting and being checked out, he was saying he was starving and wanted to go eat.  So, as scary some of the PPV bout was (especially the last third of the bout), we are told Flair is fine and heading out for the rest of his evening in Nashville.  He promised on the PPV he was going to party with Kid Rock, who owns a bar in the city.

Backstage at the show but not seen on the broadcast were Michael Hayes, Northeast Wrestling promoter Mike Lombardi, Shane Helms, Mojo Rawley, Jimmy Valiant, Mickie James, Dennos Condrey, The Nasty Boys, Rikishi, Miro, CJ/Lana, Magnum TA, and Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

Tim Malcom of the 90 Day Fiance reality show franchise was around all week for the Flair events.  He's a massive wrestling fan as he grew up in and lives in Charlotte, NC and his love of wrestling is routinely mentioned at times on the shows.

Seen on the broadcast were Undertaker, Michelle McCool, Mr. and Mrs. Bret Hart, Santino Marella, Mick Foley and Al Snow, among others.

Dave Sahadi directed the PPV broacast.  

Impact Wrestling's Josh Matthews worked as the line producer of the show, which basically means he was the point person everything was running through.  Bully Ray, Scott Armstrong, Wolfie D, Sinn Bodhi, Tom Prichard and Dan McDevitt worked as producers on the show.

We are told that live, the crowd was far rowdier than it came off on the PPV broadcast.

Bob Caudle was filmed several weeks ago at his home in front of a green screen as he was unable to travel and attend the PPV in person.

The early word is the show did great on digital PPV buys.

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