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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-02 10:00:00

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Why does the WWE not do matches during the WWE PLE kickoff shows anymore?

They have decided not to.  I am happy that they stopped.  It made anyone that appeared on the pre-show not look important.

I have been watching ECW back in 95.  Who was the fan either drunk/stoned with the dreads that was always next to hat guy?

We called him Dreads.  I have no idea what his name was.  I do remember they gave him a chance to take a chokeslam and the dope popped right back up and no-sold it!

Do you see CM Punk returning as a heel? Although I understand he had to debut in AEW as a face, I feel his face run has been somewhat lackluster.  What are your thoughts?

I think he has been fine as a face, and the crowd wants to cheer him, so I wouldn't turn him.

This is not really a question, more a statement. Even when you are very opposed to an action or situation, you always speak with such respect, never resorting to what others might do, that it keeps me coming back to this site. I trust that whatever I read is not just opinion, but based out of fact. And you show such respect for the subject matter on which you speak, no matter what your personal opinion might be, that I think that shows so much class. Especially knowing how difficult that might be sometimes. Thank you for being you, and keep giving us great stuff!

Thanks.  I appreciate what you said.  I have always tried to be honest and fair so I appreciate I come across that way.

What was your opinion on some of the blood spots during the Rush/Moxley match on this past Wednesdays Dynamite? When I saw Rush lick Moxley’s blood off his hands I know I got a tad bit nauseous.

I hated it.  First off, Mox bleeds, again, minutes into a match.  He has made blood trivial, as has Tony Khan.  For a show to begin and end with two guys blading, in matches that don’t even have any build up, it’s just bad booking.  The licking of the blood?  It’s was disgusting and it is the kind of thing that will hurt Khan if he ever tries to get sponsorship deals with decent companies.  There aren’t many businesses that want to market their products to people that like that kind of thing.

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