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By Dave Scherer on 2022-08-01 10:01:00

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Is it time Brock Lesnar calls it a career in WWE?  If his SummerSlam match was his last, you can’t go out in any better blaze of glory than that.

I loved the main event craziness.  I know some that hated it.  So I guess to them the answer would be no.  I don't see why Brock has to retire though.  He is still a draw and performing at a high level.  I just hope the finish, with him buried, was also the end of the feud with Roman Reigns.  It has run its course, time for new things for both guys.

I loved the main event of SummerSlam.  I had friends who hated it.  What should I tell them to make them like it?

Nothing, not a damn thing.  Wrestling is subjective so people like what they like.  I am with you, I enjoyed it.  I have friends that didn't like it.  I won't try to convince them to like it.  It's not important to me.  I just concern myself with what I like.

Once again, RR wins a big match…but not without help! Am I not the only one who is really tired of this?

I can't comment on what anyone else thinks but the match was booked by Vince so we needed a finish.  I would rather have Roman with the Title than Brock, who very well may be on his way to break.  So I was fine with him winning.  When someone beats Roman, it should matter.  Brock beating him wouldn't do that.

How great was Michael Cole at SummerSlam?

He was fantastic and it shows that when he is allowed to do what he is able to do.  He no longer has to call matches for an out of touch senior citizen.

Curious after watching SummerSlam is Brock done with the WWE for good?  I am asking based on the end of the match and how they “buried” Brock.  Also, Roman yelled at the end of the match something like “Get out and you are not welcomed back here.”  And then with his walk out from Smackdown because of the Vince situation it got me thinking.

He is not that I know of at this time.  To me, it was more ending the feud between the two men (at least I hope it is).

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