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By Mike Johnson on 2022-07-28 10:00:00

Do you anticipate that this week’s changes within WWE (either leadership or creative) will have any effect on the current Naomi/Sasha Banks situation?

It's possible.  It would all depend on whether they believe(d) that the problem stemmed from Vince McMahon and that the creative culture would change under Triple H.  I think a lot of relationships that Triple H has with talents could allow for some changes overall, but it's going to be a slow process and it's all going to be specific individual situations.  I don't think any of this means Sasha does a run-in at Summerslam this weekend, for example.

There were rumors Edge was going to be at Madison Square Garden but it didn't happen.  Any word?

In our Elite section, We reported that Edge and Beth Phoenix were both slated for MSG but then later reported plans changed shortly after the Vince McMahon exit.  The original plans had them also slated for Summerslam weekend, but there's no word whether that is still happening or they are holding their return off for a later date.

Riddle injury a work?

My gut is that it's all a creative directed deal, especially after the Seth Rollins and Triple H tweets, which were obviously done the maximize the audience's attention.

Is Vince McMahon still the major stockholder of WWE? Or did he sold his stock? Thank you.

As of this writing, he is still the majority stockholder.  He has not sold any stock.

Are you not going to Ric Flair's Last Match in protest of him wrestling?

No, I am not going to Ric Flair's Last Match because it's in Nashville and I'd like to not get this thing called COVID.

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