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By Dave Scherer on 2022-07-27 10:00:00

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I’ve always viewed Lacey Evans much more effectively as a heel, but with that said, did I miss something with how the buildup to her recent return was presented?  We saw weeks of vignettes incorporating her personal life story and her time in military service.  It started as a heartfelt way to rally behind her, and even her new entrance theme screams babyface.  Was the heel turn always the intention, or did the fans dictate that direction?

I can't say what Vince's plan was, and hell it could have changed four times.  But yes, the "turn" was really poorly done, as is a lot of what Vince has booked in recent years.

Vince : He SAYS he’s retired. But remember who we are talking about! I guess time will tell; if we see changes.

Yep.  With that said, I am glad WWE is a publicly traded company.  The SEC will be watching Vince too, as will many media outlets.

I know you don’t like blood in wrestling but what about the Briscoes-FTR match?  Was that OK?

It’s funny you mention that.  When I talked to Mike Johnson after I saw the match, I told him I didn’t even mind the blood because it looked like a real result from the war that they were having.  Plus, it was in an important match so there was a reason for it.  Let’s contrast that with Chris Jericho last week.  I got to watch him pull out the blade and gig himself a minute into the match.  That’s just amateur hour.  A lot of the blood in AEW is that way.  It’s like the talent just wants to dice itself with no understand of how and when blood should be used.  Now let me be clear, I don’t think the practice of blading in 2022 is a good one and it’s certainly not a healthy one.  But if it’s going to be done, do it the way The Briscoes and FTR did it, a natural extension of the match that I believe could have actually happened without someone slicing themselves.

Who would have thought that the actual cartoon should have been, “Mr. McMahon and his little head” not his ass?

Mic drop.

With Vince McMahon out, do you think MJF’s chance at a real push in WWE just improved, if he chooses to go there?

10000000%.  Paul Levesque would emphasize MJF’s many, many strengths and play to them.  I don’t think Vince McMahon would have.

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