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By Dave Scherer on 2022-07-26 10:00:00

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What do you think that about the way that WWE had Stephanie McMahon abruptly “said goodbye” to Vince McMahon?  No video, no appearance, no nothing.

I think it makes it very clear that they wanted to distance themselves from him as quickly as possible.  I think it’s smart too.  Paying tribute to someone who has signed 4 woman to NDAs (that we knew about Friday) would be a bad move in the first place, but they knew there was more to come.  They can’t honor someone who has done what they have said Vince has done.

Shouldn’t the fans have gotten a TV show to say goodbye to Vince?

I see your point.  A lot of fans are willing to forgive him but their partners don’t want to play party to honoring a man who has done what Vince has done.  And honestly, any decent human being shouldn’t want to honor a man who used his position at his company as a way to pressure women into having relationships with him.  It’s vile behavior.

Now that Vince is no longer in creative, which would you like to see get a bigger push? Also are their any talents you would possibly de-push?

I don't have anyone in mind for either.  I want to see everyone get a chance, with good character development and storytelling rather than the dreck that Vince was forcing on people.  Once everyone gets a legitimate chance, we will have a better idea of who should get the bigger push.

I’ve seen you give Ric Flair a lot of slack for wrestling one last match at his age. I traveled to Philadelphia in December and watched Jerry Lawler wrestle Bully Ray at 72 at BCW. Given Lawler also has a history of heart conditions, why be tougher on one and not the other?

I'm not.  I have said for years that Lawler shouldn't be wrestling.  YEARS.  So I am 100 percent consistent on this.

Why would Tony Khan tweet about being the longest serving CEO in wrestling? Is he that stupid, or is it just me????

I think Tony showed himself to be shortsighted and a bit clueless with that statement.  One, it was a dopey thing to say.  Two, he keeps appealing to his current audience and doesn’t realize that these kinds of statements could make WWE fans say, “Screw it, I won’t watch that product.”  He should be appealing to all fans, not just those he already has.

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