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By Mike Johnson on 2022-07-23 10:02:00

I don't understand the booking of Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Jericho last night.  It seemed to me like Kingston should have gone over.  Jericho winning does nothing for Kingston.  Is there a way to redeem Kingston?

I don't know that Kingston needs to be redeemed, but the natural leap to me would be Kingston lost the barbed wire match, so this sets up the return of an exploding barbed wire match down the line. If the heel went over after lots of interference, the babyface has to make the big comeback.  I don't know that's where AEW is going but that makes the most sense to me from a logical standpoint.  

Does AEW have actual baby faces and heels? Or is everyone just tweeners. I ask because last week I saw Waldlow vs Orange then tonight I just saw Ricky Starks slapping hands with the fans, Jericho has music the fans sings along with and the TNT Women's champion get cheered for being in her home town and her family being there. 

I think it's a situation where they just let the fans cheer and boo for who they want with the idea they are wrestlers, not defined heels or faces and if someone is cheered because they are in their hometown, for example, they just lean into it, like they do with MJF in Long Island.  I am sure it will change depending on the storylines and situations, and to me, it's pretty easy to see who the heels and faces are based on the situation.

Where was Max Caster trained and where is he from?

Caster trained at the Create-A-Pro School in Long Island under Brian Myers and Pat Buck.

Has there been any update on a weekly ROH series?

Not yet.  I think it's a case of Tony Khan is letting ROH walk before he tries to get it to do a marathon.  The fact its going to be on Bleacher Report Live is the first sign that ROH could be something that ends up on a Discovery platform as it builds its Tony Khan-era foundation.  

I remember there being a great heel WWE referee when I was a kid.  What was his story?

I am guessing you mean Dangerous Danny Davis.  He was from the Northeast and trained as a wrestler but ended up working as a referee while also doing matches as Mr. X and other masked personalities.  WWF tapped him to do the heel referee role, which at the time was great stuff and then he ended up as a wrestler full-time after being "banned from life."  He got insane levels of heat at the house shows at the time, especially when he would cheat to him matches.  After the story ran its course, he was brought back to refereeing.  He released an autobiography a few years back.  I always thought he was a great hand.

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