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By Mike Johnson on 2022-07-19 08:33:00

The National Wrestling Alliance announced the following, which is pretty cool news if you were fans of the Midnight Express' legendary run as the NWA United States Tag Team Champions in the 1980s for Jim Crockett Promotions:

NWA United States Tag Team titles return at NWA 74!

ST. LOUIS – The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) has a storied history which includes a number of different championships and belts.

With the recent success of the NWA, owned by William Patrick Corgan, and the level of interest in tag team wrestling seen during the recent Crockett Cup pay-per-views, the NWA is proud to announce we are reviving the NWA United States Tag Team Championships.

The new champions will be crowned on night 2 of NWA 74 on Aug. 28, 2022 in a 10 Team Battle Royale match involving several worthy contenders to be announced. This title has a diverse legacy which touched many of the NWA territories of the past as well as some of the most revered legends of tag team wrestling.

“It’s an honor to be able to bring back the NWA United States Tag Team Championships,” said William Patrick Corgan. “Our tag team division is red hot and full of deserving athletes who will now have a chance to make history in this sport. We are also looking at top tier tag teams outside the NWA which could also have an opportunity to compete for the new U.S. tag titles,” Corgan said.

This championship will be defended exclusively on NWA USA, which airs Saturdays at noon EST on Fite TV and the NWA YouTube channel, as well as during NWA pay-per-views.

The belts themselves will be unveiled during the two day NWA 74 pay-per-view at the historic Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis. The NWA 74 anniversary show is the biggest wrestling event of the year for the National Wrestling Alliance where all of our championships will be defended.

Tickets for NWA 74 are available now at and the event will be broadcast live on pay-per-view through the FITE TV streaming service and available as part of the NWA All Access Annual Pass.


Founded in 1948, the National Wrestling Alliance is one of the oldest and most prestigious professional wrestling brands in the world. In 2017, international recording artist William Patrick Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) purchased the NWA with the intention of reinventing the brand for the modern era whilst honoring the legacy of its heyday in the 1980s. Beginning with the critically-acclaimed Ten Pounds Of Gold docu-series, the NWA has since expanded its programming to include two weekly broadcasts (NWA Powerrr & NWA USA) and 6 annual pay-per-views, all of which are available via NWA All Access, our paid subscription service on Triller's FITE streaming platform.

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