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By Dave Scherer on 2022-07-19 10:00:00

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What, if anything, will it take for Vince to make a public statement along the lines of "OK, I made a major mistake that affected me  my family, and the WWE and I messed up.  Can't tell you how sorry I am. Etc Etc and this is all I will say about it publicly." kind of thing?  I am sure his attorneys are telling him to be quiet right now but it might, and I may be using that word loosely, help his public image which may be going down the toilet quick.  I can only hope he feels somewhat miserable about all of this.

It would take a lot, a LOT.  He isn’t the kind of person who apologizes for his indiscretions, especially when he doesn’t see there being an issue.  I think it would take something like FOX and NBCU saying, “We will void our contract on a morals clause unless you apologize”.  The only other thing that pops in my head is that Shane, Stephanie and Linda band together and tell him he’s out unless he does a mea culpa.  Like I said, it will take something BIG.

Are Royal Rumble PPV with only the 30-man Royal Rumble match and the Money in the Bank PPV with only one or two men’s matches a thing of the past and why?


When Vince leaves (it’s a when now, not an if) then who takes over as head of creative? I can’t imagine Stephanie is going to want that role, and Nick Khan ain’t no Tony Khan that’s for sure. So does Pritchard take over? HHH? Jarrett? Heyman? Somebody from NXT? And exactly how much leeway will they have to shape the show, especially if Vince just ‘steps away’ rather than resigns?

It depends on who is the CEO and Chairman.  If Vince died, and Stephanie was in charge, it would be on her to decide who takes over those things.  If you talked with people inside WWE, they know that the creative is very bland right now.  I think changes would be made at the top of the process.  Bruce Prichard is booking what Vince wants.  Would he get a chance to show he could oversee a creative process that is actually interesting?  I don’t know.

If Vince McMahon leaves WWE, would that be the most major wrestling story you've ever covered in terms of impact on the industry? What would be the previous benchmark for most significant wrestling story you've lived through?

That would definitely be THE biggest story I ever covered, by far.  Nothing else I have covered would be even close to this.

I'm no legal expert, but how can Jeff Hardy think he can get away with pleading not guilty to his latest DUI arrest, considering all the hard evidence against him (ie. bodycam footage of his arrest, failed field sobriety test, failed breathalyzer test, etc)?  Not to mention, he even admitted to the cop that he had several potent drinks before getting behind the wheel!

You definitely aren’t a legal expert.  He enters that plea in hopes of getting a lighter sentence.  If he pleads guilty now, he throws himself on the mercy of the court and they don’t have to negotiate with him.

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