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By Mike Johnson on 2022-07-21 10:00:00

With Ric Flair having his last match, could we see a similar PPV for Terry Funk?

No.  Funk will never wrestle again, nor should he.  I don't even believe Funk will ever appear in a public setting again for a signing, much less a wrestling match.

Whatever happened to Salina de la Renta from MLW?

She's been appearing on some Texas independents mostly and maintains an OnlyFans webpage.

Kind of a weird question: are the belts carried onscreen by champions in WWE specially made for the wrestlers to use, or are they indistinguishable from the replica belts that fans can buy?

The belts that talents carry, in most instances, are made of a better leather and a better metal alloy than the replicas.

Did AEW ever reach out to Bret Hart to be involved in the Owen Hart tournament?

I have never heard there was any discussion about it, and in my opinion, there didn't need to be.  It was about Owen Hart and his family.  I liked that it was a spotlight on them and the wrestling.  Bret is awesome and one of the best of all time, but as someone who was also a big Owen fan, I truly appreciated seeing his family have a moment where they could celebrate what he brought to professional wrestling after a long period of the business being so dark for them.

Will the WWE A&E shows be available on any streaming services?

The first season has only been available on A&E's own website and streaming service, so my guess is that will be the standard for the second round of programming.

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