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By Dave Scherer on 2022-07-16 10:44:00

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Personal question: even though you cover wrestling as a full-time job, do you still consider and call yourself a “wrestling fan” and can enjoy a show? Obviously you can't view this as an escape, but can you still be taken back by great wrestling these days?

Yep, I am.  The two aren't mutually exclusive.  One can be analytical and also just enjoy something.  That's me.

Now that Arn has the trademark for the 4 Horsemen, I was thinking who in AEW would fit.  Obviously with Arn as manager. My 1st 2 were Brock Anderson, and Pillman, 2 Horsemen legacies.  Then Buddy Murphy and Kenny Omega in the Flair spot.  Who on the roster do you see as a good fit?

Honestly?  No one.  The Horsemen were legendary and they shouldn't be revived in my opinion.

Am I the only one who thinks that nothing will happen and Vince will get away with his actions and is it wrong to think that?

I half think Vince thinks the same thing.  I am sure others do as well.  I think it would be wrong for him to get away with his behavior but it’s not wrong to think that he will.  Until action is taken, it’s understandable to think he will not pay the price for his actions.

Eric Bischoff and Dutch Mantel both say that the secret to growing a wrestling promotion's fan base is to focus on character development and coherent story lines; which I totally agree with to a degree. However, the point of developing wrestler "character arcs" and soap opera-like story lines is to culminate with in-ring matches as the "payoff". So how important are the actual matches to casual fans? Bischoff and Mantel act like the matches are totally secondary, which I find hard to believe, as every creative action is supposed to entice interest in the eventual match. In spite of character development and story lines being important, isn't the match action the real "bread and butter" of a wrestling show?

I don’t think that they believe that they are unimportant, I think they believe that to those fans, the actual match is the least important part of the process, and by that they mean the actual in-ring wrestling.  Now the finish of the match?  Those fans do care about that.  I know it sounds counterintuitive to hardcore fans but to many casual fans, the in ring wrestling moves isn’t that important to them.

Instead of mass releases, why doesn't WWE do a better job of closing out its departing characters to build intrigue and elevate talent? Do you agree that WWE could have spread out its mass releases to really treat their audience to a bunch of surprises? With such talent as Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, or Carrion Cross suddenly being released, more mileage could have been gained from their departures with "Loser Leaves Town" matches, Hair vs. Hair matches, violent blowoff matches, surprise squashes, and/or stretcher injury angles. Since we were all caught off card by these such higher card releases, don't you feel if WWE gave these aforementioned characters definitive "Character Finales", it would have engaged the audience with the story lines I proposed, while elevating the talent that remains? It seems like such a waste to release a swath of talent without getting storyline payoffs, surprise twists, and elevating the remaining talent.

WWE should do all of that but in order to make that happen it would take a commitment to producing quality storylines.  As long as Vince McMahon is in charge, that won’t be happening.

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