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By Dave Scherer on 2022-07-12 10:00:00

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How does, with the recent (7/8/22 - multiple women/nda's) news, does Steph not go immediately 'we're complying, we take it serious, Vince you are fired as head of creative' and then have a zoom and/or phone meeting with all creative/producers/agents 'don't be in contact, don’t relay his ideas as yours or as 'well this is what Vince would want’.

She can’t just take the word of The Wall Street Journal, even though she probably believes their story.  They are conducting an investigation and they have to wait for it to play out.  WSJ is giving them a lot to look at for sure.

Am I wrong, but if there was one woman, there are now 4, so basically there are probably really 12 women out there?

I can’t put a number on it since I don’t know but it would certainly be reasonable to think that there are more women out there with a story to tell.

What's the likelihood that an Apple or Electronic Arts or Disney or Amazon shows up and goes 'we're taking it'.  Or do they wait in the tall grass to see just a little longer how everything starts to unfold.

They can’t take it.  Vince McMahon controls the voting stock.  He can’t be taken over.  He would have to agree to sell.

How long until some a-hole says, “Well he may done....but at the end of the day he is still a really great creative mind and boss’’.

If Vince gets forced out, I expect a lot of people close to him to say something like that, for sure.  To me, if they don’t want to criticize him, say nothing.  But if he is forced out because he made women uncomfortable with his advances, to me no decent person can say “Yeah but”.  You can give him credit for what he accomplished but you have to hold him accountable for his actions as well.

Do you think the TV companies they are in negotiations with start to stall?

They are right in the middle of their TV deals so there isn’t much negotiating going on at this time and I doubt any will start.  If this continues to get worse and Vince refuses to leave?  I could see it definitely affecting TV rights in two years.  If that happens, and it tanks the stock, I would expect a class action lawsuit from investors against the company.  As I mentioned yesterday though the rights to the replays on Hulu may give WWE a look into how they are viewed by the big companies now, with Vince still around.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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