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By Dave Scherer on 2022-07-06 10:00:00

Before I start this column I want to say that I heard from Shawn Buckley and he apologized profusely for the email that he sent me, which was published in Monday's column.  I appreciate his mea culpa and I will aways give someone who apologizes a second chance.  In fact, I will respect anyone who owns up to it when they are wrong.  Thanks Shawn.

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What do you make of adults in the crowd of wrestling shows breaking down and crying over a storyline? Do they really believe the stuff that is happening is real?

People cry at the movies, watching TV shows, plays, etc.  If they get caught up in a storyline and it moves them to tears, that’s pretty cool actually.  It means that they are invested and I think that is a good thing.

I know how much you hate it when babyfaces cash in after the babyface champion is hurt from a hard match, but why would someone do it any other way? All the unsuccessful cash ins have taken place after the briefcase holder has announced the date beforehand (Cena, Sandow & Strowman), so the surprise cash in makes the most sense logically.

Actually, it doesn’t make sense logically.  Logically, it makes sense for a babyface to be noble and tell the champ, “I will be cashing this in against you at SummerSlam so when I beat you, there will be no excuses”.  Then, when the babyface win, it means something.  It means he/she earned it and gets elevated.  The reason you think it makes sense logically is because WWE has booked it so badly.  If this were mainstream sports, sure, you would have a point.  But WWE can create it’s own reality and they have done a really poor job of it with MITB.

For the sake of argument, let's assume Vince McMahon comes out of this current situation that he is in, in more or less one piece. What happens then? Does he go back to the WWE like nothing really happened and move onward? And if you were an employee of WWE be it administrative or wrestler, can you work with Vince and even deal with him business-wise like nothing really happened especially if you are a female employee if you "value" your position in the company? And if you are Vince, do you see the company that you put four decades of your sweat and blood into slipping through your fingers for good?

If nothing happens with The Board, I totally see Vince going back to business as normal.  I would hope that it will send a red flag to prospective female employees to maybe look somewhere else.  Lastly, Vince is not the kind of guy who sees the error of his ways so if he gets off of this one, I don’t see him starting now.

This may be unanswerable but I’ll give it a go. Was Paul Orndorff ever considered for a WWF title run? Even a short one to give Hulk a title win in a big show?

Maybe it was thought about but it never came close to happening.  Also remember, it was a different era and the champ held the Title for long periods of time.

Do you feel there's a possibility (quite a high one in my mind) that Vince clearing out of the ring so quickly (for his age) when John Cena came out because Cena has quite a marketable brand off shooting from WWE so being hugged or endorsed by someone under investigation wouldn't look very good Make A Wish for John?

I definitely think it was done by design.  As you said, Cena was gracious enough to come back but mugging in the ring with a guy under investigation from his own Board would not be a good look for John.

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