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By Dave Scherer on 2022-07-05 10:00:00

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Did AEW screw up Okada’s presentation?  He debuts on Dynamite by showing up in non descript street clothes for a run in where he does nothing.  And then for Forbidden Door, he’s put in a 4 Way match.

I didn’t like how they did it at all.  They just assumed that everyone watching knew who Okada was and that is always a mistake to me.  The dude is a mega star and should have been presented to the fans who don’t follow Japan as such.

Tony Khan said on his scrum that the TV leading up to Forbidden Door was great.  I love AEW but I don’t follow Japan so I thought the programming leading up to the PPV stunk and I just wanted it to be over.  Can you please tell him that?

You just did.  And for the record, I hope if Tony’s goal is to grow the audience he takes what you said seriously.  If he wants to just market to the fan base he already he has, he doesn’t need to.  But as you stated, the way he introduced the Japanese stars didn’t hook you and you are not alone.

Did you notice on Raw how thin John Cena’s hair was getting in the back?

I did indeed.  My first thought was, “John Jack needs some hair in a can!”  But hey, he’s getting older.  It happens.

If the MJF situation was was a work, has Tony Khan completely killed any momentum MJF had, now that he has disappeared like Houdini?

In a word?  Yes.  First off, if it’s not a work, Tony Khan is a lot less intelligent than I gave him credit for.  Giving a live mic to an angry employee so that he can run down you and your company on your own TV show is just a different kind of stupid to me.  If it is a work, well at this point the only thing that makes ANY sense was that MJF either needed a surgery that they didn’t want to tell us about, or he is dealing with a personal issue.  Whatever it turns out to be, it went from being intriguing to an afterthought very quickly, for sure.

The term "Forbidden Door" has been thrown around way too much lately. In looking at least at the modern history of Pro Wrestling the only match I can think of that would qualify as the definition of "Forbidden Door" would be in April 2000 with WCW contracted Mike Awesome vs. WWF contracted Tazz for the ECW Championship. That to me seems like the only match I can think of that would be "Forbidden Door" Is there any other that could qualify?

Here’s the thing, the phrase means a match that can’t/won’t happen due to politics.  When the match does happen, the damn door isn’t forbidden!  It’s agreed upon.  It’s a stupid phrase and I would love for it to go away forever, and then another year after that.

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