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By Dave Scherer on 2022-07-04 09:59:00

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Would it be fair to say that AEW won't consider Victoria, B.C. for a show on a Canadian tour? No secret WWE had no shortage of issues with bad fan incidents seemingly every time out there. WWE hasn't returned since 2015 when a fan hit Roman Reigns with a replica MITB briefcase. Let’s not also forget the infamous incident involving Chris Jericho and fans, who decided to block him from leaving the arena all because they wanted an autograph. Jimmy Korderas even noted on Twitter a few yrs ago that every time he worked a show there how overzealous the fans were.

I can’t say one way or the other but I think AEW would want to hit Toronto before even thinking about any other Canadian town.  But yes, those fans have a bad rep for sure.

Do you see anyone besides Peacock getting the rights to the Raw and Smackdown replays from Hulu?

Peacock would make the most sense, given their current relationship with WWE.  Could someone else step up?  It’s possible.  One thing I fully believe is that WWE will take the best financial deal they are offered.

Any word on CM Punk’s recovery?  He’s gone dark on social media since his last TV appearance.

I haven’t heard much of anything to be honest.  Punk is a private guy.  My hunch is that he is doing his rehab and will stay radio silent until he’s close to returning.  Hell, he may just show up when he’s ready, it wouldn’t shock me (and it would get a great pop).

Was Jon Moxley the best choice to be Interim champion?  I know Mox is somebody CM Punk wants to wrestle. But should Tony have put the title on a heel instead, that way when Punk returns, the audience won’t be split for the unification match?

One, they can take if off Mox before that match if they don’t want to go face vs. face (but AEW usually doesn’t mind that).  Beyond that, if not him, who?  Danielson wasn’t able to wrestle.  Omega is hurt.  Jericho is out of the Title scene.  They just chose to take it off of Page.  No, I think Mox made the most sense given who they had to work with.

If there was a movie about Vince McMahon in the 2000’s would Willem Dafoe be the best choice to play him?

To me, the obvious choice to play Vince is Pee Wee Herman.

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