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By Dave Scherer on 2022-07-03 09:59:00

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Money In The Bank vs. The Forbidden Door, which do you hate more?

Man, that’s a good one.  I will go with The Forbidden Door because it makes no sense.  “People are working here that can’t work here!”  Well, except they are working here so it’s not forbidden is it?

And thoughts on the Forbidden Door PPV?

To me, it was just a show that didn’t have much storyline build to it.  It was like The Survivor Series.  As someone who doesn’t watch New Japan, I didn’t know a lot of the talent so while they were dream matches to some people, they were not to me.  Character building and storylines matter a lot to me, so this wasn’t my type of event.  Obviously the crowd loved it, as did the boss.  As I say all the time, I don’t have to like everything a company does.  If their fans like it, then I can see why they do it.

What do you think of Tony Khan live tweeting how great everything during matches on his shows?  Vince McMahon would never do that.

I think Tony is a huge fan of his product and loves to share his excitement with the masses.  Personally, I would take the Vince McMahon approach.  I think a promoter should put on his show and let the fans say if it’s great or not.  But Tony is a lot different than I am.

What did you think of the Blood and Guts match?  I liked the first one but this one was too much for me.

I hated the match and frankly was embarrassed to watch it.  I get that there will be blood, which I hate and don’t think should be done in 2022, but it wasn’t due to that.  What I really hated was all of the senseless, and very real, violence in the match.  To me, wrestling is about making it appear that someone is being hurt and then selling it.  It’s not wrestling when the people in the match are actually taking real punishment.  If I am the promoter, I don’t let them take that kind of abuse.

How great was Becky Lynch kind of no-selling John Cena’s entrance?  She is a star and shouldn’t be put in a position to look like a mark.

It was great and I agree 100 percent.  I liked a lot of the stuff they did with Cena on Raw but whenever they make actual wrestlers look like fans, it’s not good.

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