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By Mike Johnson on 2022-07-02 10:00:00


Will Death Before Dishonor be on Honor Club?

That is probably TBD.  Tony Khan inherited Honor Club, but that thing needed an overhaul prior to Khan buying the company.  The Roku Channel for it hadn't worked in forever.  It needed a complete re-working in my opinion.  I am sure Khan will get there but it's got to be low on the list of priorities at this point, given he's basically trying to get ROH in a position where it lives on again as a weekly series.  Once they have ROH in the air again, they can worry about the ancillary properties.

With Sinclair having sold ROH off, what happened to the staff?  What do you think is Joe Koff's ROH legacy?

I don't believe any of the former staff were retained by Khan.  Joe Koff and Greg Gilleland remain with Sinclair.  Koff's main job with Sinclair were responsibilities that had far more importance than ROH itself.  The reality is ROH was owned by Sinclair because of Joe and it would have died a long time ago had he not pushed Sinclair to acquire it.  That's his legacy - that the promotion existed far longer than it would have otherwise and a lot of people made a full-time living off of ROH during that time period.

Do you think Sinclair would still own ROH had it not been for the pandemic?

Yes.  I know they were ramping up plans for a weekly live TV series for Thursday nights that would have aired from a studio in Baltimore.  Sinclair had a lot more plans for ROH but then the pandemic and the added stress and expenses of all the regional sports networks they purchased crashing down on them during the financial duress that came from the pandemic all led to a lot of things being jettisoned, including their ownership of Ring of Honor.  I think if Joe Koff could have figured out a way to retain the company, he would have - there was no one more broken-hearted about the situation than Koff, and anyone who heard the interview I did with him minutes after he broken the news to the roster that this was all coming to an end - and heard Joe's voice, knew that too.

Do you see Tony Khan bringing back former ROH stars like Paul London and The Amazing Red?

I think it if fits into his vision and they are available and interested, yes.  I don't see Khan bringing them in to stand around for a meaningless cameo or just a random two minute match, as he has dozens of talents who can do that.  If he wanted to have, say Red making "one last run" as a storyline and Red was into it and wanted to do it, then yes.

Could ROH vs. MLW be a potential storyline, sort of like the modern day CZW vs. ROH.

That is a question for Tony Khan and Court Bauer, but my feeling is not right now.  Khan is still getting ROH together and building a foundation for what it potentially could be going forward.

Any chance the Briscoes come to the new version of ROH?

The last I heard, they were not signed with Impact Wrestling, so theoretically, yes?   Whether that happens or not is pretty much up in the air at this point, no different than a lot of other ROH talents who haven't been signed.  Unless they lock in a deal elsewhere, the ROH door is open in theory.

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