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By Dave Scherer on 2022-06-26 10:00:00

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So AEW has the AEW World Title, the AEW Interim Title, the AEW Women’s title, the TNT title, the TBS title, the All Atlantic title, the AEW Tag Titles, the ROH World title, the ROH Television title, the ROH Pure title, the ROH tag team titles, the ROH Women’s title and the FTW title?  Did I miss any of their championships?  Do you think they could use a few more?

You may have because it seems like they have 100 of them.  It’s way, WAY too many.  When you have all of those champions they all just blend together.  In my opinion they should cut back.  There is no need for the new belt on tonight’s PPV.

Unless there’s surefire plans to make Ring of Honor its own separate promotion, should Tony Khan just start making championship unification matches?  AEW is pretty much the spiritual successor of ROH from that promotion’s highest point and the lineage of ROH’s World title could make AEW’s title seem even more prestige, same with the tag titles and TV title etc…

I don’t think he needs to make that move yet, unless that is the case and he has no further plans for Ring Of Honor.  But if he does, I am OK with him keeping the belts as is because if he does run it as its own entity, they will need champs.

Instead of WWE bringing Brock back to wrestle Roman at Summerslam, what if they brought back the Fiend?  How would you react seeing the lights shut down and hearing the creepy noises before Bray appears and sister Abigail’s/Mandible Claw’s the bloodline?  And would it be a better or worse draw than Brock vs Roman?

I would be fine with them bringing back Bray Wyatt/The Fiend but I can’t see any world where he is a bigger draw than Brock is, even if this feels like the 900th time we have seen this match.

If you could take 6 fresh WWE guys and make them the top stars the way the Attitude Era had 5/6 top guys, who would they be?  I think Bron Breakker, Austin Theory and Gunther could be in the mix but that’s only 3.

I don’t like these questions because I always leave out worthy people and that’s not fair.  I think there are plenty of people on the roster that could have been stars back then.  Then again, there are plenty of people who could be stars now if the booking were better.

How cool would it be at Forbidden Door to see the camera quickly zoom in on the ring once the bell rings for the IWGP world title match?

Um, if it’s cool for you, that’s awesome.  Are you saying that this is what they do in New Japan?  If so, I think you just pointed out why ratings have been down for AEW going into the PPV.  While a good chunk of the fans know all of the NJ talent and mores, many of us don’t so if this is the case here, it would pop you and I would just not really care.

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