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By Kendall Jenkins on 2022-06-22 14:01:00

Now that we're six months into 2022, we've seen many legends from WWE and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) dominate the ring. For instance, AEW put some smiles on our faces through the weekly Rampage and Dynamite. For WWE, it started with Rumble pay-per-views and the eventful Day 1. However, some WWE fighters should be recognized and applauded for a job well done. And if they could keep up this energy, they're here to stay. Let's check them out.

Brock Lesnar

Love him or hate him, Lesnar is one of the topmost WWE fighters this year. What makes it more interesting is that you need no deposit bonus in Ireland casinos to gamble on him. Meanwhile, Lesnar isn't a newbie in the game and that's probably one of the reasons for his massive success. Having gained entry in 2002, 2022 makes it Lesnar's 20th-year in the WWE career. And a couple of decades after, we can still call him the "Lord of the Rings". Isn't that remarkable?

So far, the Beast Incarnate has garnered all the points of attraction in WWE to himself. And he was able to maintain the aura all through WrestleMania 38 when he wanted to lock horns with Roman Reigns. Anyway, his unexpected WWE Championship victory on Day 1 played a huge role here. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, his fight with Roman didn't come alive, so he opted for Bobby Lashley. That was when and where he copped the prestigious price instead.

You'll agree with us that Lesnar is the most sought-after fighter on WWE TV all year. And it's such a beautiful sight to see him come back to WWE in August. There's this feeling of ecstasy and fresh air that accompanies him anytime he pops up on a show.

Seth Rollins

If we look at Rollins' fights with Raw, Edge, and others, the bulk of his records come in 2022. Well, with a little portion of 2021 falling into this year. Right from when he fought with The Rated-R Superstar, his consistency is unmatchable. And this played a big role paving way for his emergence as the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship.

However, you should note that Seth Rollins never had a one-on-one title privilege. But the fact remains that he delivers every time he was in the ring, just like Day 1. Another stimulant to his career is the entertaining alliance he entered into with Kevin Owens. If you're very conversant with Raw, you'll know that the duo is a constant highlight till today.

When Rollins revived his age-long rivalry with Roman Reigns on the SmackDown's Universal Championship, his fan-base expanded. His career had tremendous growth. And their clash at the Royal Rumble made the storyline more compelling. Above all, you should also note that clinching the WWE Championship is one of his objectives.

Sammy Guevara

Apart from WWE, many AEW stars have enjoyed their share of greatness and fame. But as far as 2022 is concerned, none of them has outshined the reigning champion - Sammy Guevara. Although his first title reign was short-lived by Cody Rhodes during the Christmas season of Rampage, he survived. The Spanish God, as he's also known, went on to defeat Dustin Rhodes. This earned him the spot of the interim TNT Chief during the Battle of the Belts.

The most amazing part worth mentioning is that Guevara defended that same title against Daniel Garcia barely a week later. Yes, that was during Dynamite's main event and guess what? He won!  Another encounter that helped him a great deal was during his January 26 ladder match against Cody at Beach Break. They both took some wild and severe hits against each other. It was a superb performance. Upon his victory, Guevara was commended far and near for putting up a good fight.

Before we move forward, Guevara's victory at the title defense against Isiah Kassidy on Rampage also helped. And even with his lack of promo time, he remains the most-booked AEW star in 2022 so far. That's a world-class delivery!

Roman Reigns

Since turning heel and the Universal Championship of August 2020, Roman Reigns has been leading the race. So it shouldn't take you by surprise that he remains one of the giants of WWE today. He has been guiding the title for a long while and he exceeded a major milestone in mid-January. That was when he became the world's longest-reigning universal champ of all time. Meanwhile, all these records were broken during an intense competition with Seth Rollins.

Thanks to his mic work, he waxed stronger all through January remaining the face of Friday night shows. During the Rumble, he paired up with Seth Rollins and they wowed the fans with their excellent Universal Championship encounter. The following Monday, it was obvious that all eyes will be on Reigns for the WrestleMania. So we'll agree with you that SmackDown has been somewhat rough this year. But you can always rely on Reigns to give you a thrilling show.

Jade Cargill

AEW is not just about bringing a ready-made star to fame. It also deals with bringing someone unknown to the industry barely a year ago into the limelight. That's by turning her into one of the best fighters in the women's division. That's the story of Jade Cargill. She made her first appearance on AEW TV towards the end of 2020. She fought like an absolute star and to the delight of everyone watching.

The only thing that seemed odd was the in-ring experience which was non-existent. Even at that, she improved at a very steady pace, and that's all that mattered. Since her debut match in March 2021 on Dynamite, she was on a winning streak. It was the unmatchable energy she displayed that won her the inaugural AEW TBS Champion during the first 2022 TBS-era Dynamite.

No doubt, her ascent into stardom is satisfying and full to follow. She also defended the title three times where she defeated Julia Hart, Anna Jay, and A Q.A. All these attempts to strip the belt of her proved abortive and her dominance remained unbridled.

Final Thoughts

If you want to gamble using any of these above-discussed fighters, you should also consider their character development. That's an added plus. However, many of these competitors are only as good as their bookings allow them to be. And some never deliver below expectations while in the ring or on the mic. In other words, in every casino, online slots need to give gamblers a flexible ground to explore their chances.


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