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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-23 07:37:00

A GoFundMe Campaign has been launched for independent wrestler Heidi Katrina after she suffered a bad injury while wrestling this past Monday in Israel at

Details from the campaign:

Get well soon, Heidi!

As most of you may know by now, Heidi Katrina broke her arm Monday during the show on the Legdrop finish. 

She was immediately treated by paramedics on hand for the event, loaded into the Ambulance and taken straight into Beilinson Hospital. She sustained an open fracture to her four arm as well as the wrist, in what was probably the nastiest fracture possible. Heidi was in tremendous pain, but battled through like the true champ that she is. Because the Insurance did not want to cover wrestling, there was need to pay for the surgery. Due the fact that the surgery was urgent and delays may've risked her arm and put her return to wrestling in question, whatever needed to be done was done so she could get the surgery. The surgery was done successfully Wednesday. IPWA management was by her side the entire time. Thursday she was released and Saturday Heidi flew back home to London. Although being in horrendous pain after the surgery, Heidi was busy taking care of the local cats in the area and kittens of all shapes and sizes were in line for Heidi's incredible treatment - from taking ticks and leeches out of their bodies to giving them food and water before she even ate or drank herself. That was Heidi, just doing her thing. We had the huge honor and privilege of getting to know Heidi a little better, seeing how kind, generous and amazing she truly is as a human being.

On behalf of all the fans in Israel and all over the world, we would like to wish the amazing Heidi a speedy, painless recovery and may she come back stronger than ever before, with God's help ????? ?'.

If you'd like to support Heidi, while she's recovering at home, feel free to paypal her at:

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