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By on 2022-06-18 22:03:00

Warrior Wrestling 23 results from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA at DeltaPlex Arena on 6/18/22 live on FITE:

Brian Cage pinned KC Navarro after a buckle bomb followed by the Drill Claw to earn a spot in the War of Attrition Match which is the Main Event. Cage wanted to shake hands afterwards but Navarro refused and left the ring.

Will Ospreay will defend the Warrior Wrestling Title in The War of Attrition Match. It starts as an 8-man tag team match. Then it becomes a traditional tag match. Finally a one on one match. Ospreay could lose the title before it gets to the final fall.

Chelsea Green pinned Tootie Lynn after the Unprettier while the referee was bumped by accident from a superkick by Lynn. Lynn got her Green in an arm bar, and Green tapped, but the referee was down. Green cut a promo before the match. She was offended that she was in the second match and said she's a main event. She insulted the fans and Lynn. She is the best female heel right now in indie pro wrestling in our opinion.

Kevin Ku and Dominic Garrini defeated Myron Reed and Dante Leon by referee stoppage when Garrini had Leon in a submission hold and Leon passed out.

WW Lucha Champion Sam Adonis pinned Rey Leon aftee a 450 Splash for a spot in the War of Attrition Match as well. Adonis hit the back of his head on the floor while trying to dive on Leon on the outside. When he got up he was bleed from the top of the back of his head but the match continued on for seveal more minutes.

Frank The Clown and Trevor Outlaw came out to have a "Going Away Party" for Athena. They had a cake and piñata. Frank said he signed A.Q.A. to a one night contract to take the Women's Title away from Athena tonight. Outlaw hit Athena with the piñata during her ring introduction.

WW Women's Champion Athena pinned A.Q.A. after The Eclipse. She powerbombed A.Q.A. on the piñata three times during the match but there was nothing inside of it. A.Q.A. punched out Outlaw after the match then helped Athena shove his face in the cake as Frank ran off.

Main event War of Attrition with WW Champion Will Ospreay vs. Swerve vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Brian Cage vs. Jake Something vs. Lance Archer vs. Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Sam Adonis is next. The losers of the 8-man tag will be eliminated from the match. The winner of the fall gets to pick their partner for the traditional tag match. The winning team then faces each other one on one.

Swerve, Jake Something, Brian Pillman, Jr. and WW Champion Will Ospreay defeated Sam Adonis, Lance Archer, Jeff Cobb, and Brian Cage when Pillman Jr. pinned Adonis with an inside cradle. He picked Ospreay as his partner.

WW Champion Will Ospreay and Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Jake Something and Swerve when Ospreay pinned Something after stealing the pin from Pillman Jr. by hitting him with the Hidden Blade to move him off of the pin cover.

WW Champion Will Ospreay vs. Brian Pillman Jr. KC Navarro ran in and pushed Ospreay off the top rope down into a table on the floor. He then cashed in the #1 con. Medallion to enter into the match and now make it a 3-Way Match.

KC Navarro won a 3-Way Match over WW Champion Will Ospreay and Brian Pillman Jr. to win the title by pinned Pillman Jr. after help from Brian Cage. Cage hit Pillman Jr. with a discus lariat then gave Ospreay the Drill Claw. He set up Pillman Jr. to let Navarro hit his finisher for the pin.

The next show is June 26 in Chicago at 3pm EST on FITE a few hours before the AEW and NJPW Forbidden Door event in the city.

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