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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-17 16:24:00

If you didn't know Vince McMahon was under investigation and had "voluntarily" stepped down from as the WWE Chairman and CEO, you wouldn't have figured it out by being backstage at today's Smackdown taping in Minneapolis.  Despite the last several days, McMahon was "joking around" during the production meeting before the taping and wasn't selling anything at all, described to by multiple sources as being in a "great mood."

We are told there was nothing addressed or discussed by McMahon in regard to the allegations thus far today at the tapings.  There had been whispers among some in the company yesterday that he would address the troops.  As of 4 PM this afternoon, that has not happened.

The pre-show meetings were described by several sources as a "weird", given the obvious elephant in the room, especially since no one in the company knows when more will surface about the situation.  Privately, some were wondering how many NDAs were uncovered during the investigation and how many others could be out there.  Obviously, no one was asking McMahon about the situation.

Despite the fact that WWE announced McMahon would be appearing on tonight's Friday Night Smackdown broadcast on FOX, we are told nothing was discussed about the segment during pre-show meetings, treating it almost as if the segment wasn't part of the show.  So, there is absolutely no hint at what might be stated tonight based on production-related meetings, but that may be by design to prevent potential leaks.

John Laurinaitis is not at tonight's Smackdown taping in Minneapolis, which is not a surprise, given his inclusion in the allegations.



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