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By Mike Johnson on 2022-06-16 14:34:00

There has been a rumor making the rounds today regarding the sale of WWE stock over the last day that some involved could be taking part in "insider trading" because of the volume of trading over the last several days.

One version of the rumor is that WWE's Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution, Kevin Dunn might have been involved with insider trading last month, selling WWE stock while a member of the WWE Board of Directors at the same time the Board has ordered an investigation into the Vince McMahon allegations covered in great detail elsewhere on  

The only problem with that rumor is that Dunn hasn't actually been a member of the company's Board of Directors, dating back a number of years.  Of the 12 current WWE Board Members, who can be found by clicking here, Dunn is not listed and has not been listed for years. 

So, while he's one of the top execs of the company, Dunn is not on the Board of Directors.  So, not only would he be not be involved in the Board's decision to investigate Vince McMahon, but he would have been free and clear to sell stock without any restrictions that  might apply to members of the WWE's Board of Directors.

That said, we are also told that beyond that, top WWE executives all have restrictions on when they can sell WWE Stock and when they do sell it in great numbers, they need to apply and receive corporate approval from the company itself before moving forward with a sale.  So, any sales made by Dunn last month would have been under that system, which we are told is not a short process to go through.

So, for those asking about the rumors floating around today, at least in regard to Kevin Dunn, they don't meet any level of actual scrutiny.

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