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By Dave Scherer on 2022-06-14 10:00:00

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Let’s say WWE had the star power and the audience size/engagement of the Attitude Era today, where towns are bidding for Wrestlemania.   Could they have filled Allegiant Stadium for Money in the Bank?  Could they have filled AT&T Stadium both nights for this past Wrestlemania?

I think they would have a lot better chance of doing it.  The product was so hot back then they sold out everywhere they went.  Those were the days.

I saw in a q and a that Samoa Joe is acting. Is he doing a tv show or a movie and do you know which one?

He will appear on a new Peacock series called "Twisted Metal".  You can read about it by clicking here.

I do not see any difference between Reigns and Lesnar.. just like Lesnar was missing from TV shows consistently when he held the title.. now same is being done by Reigns.. It's so annoying when the main WWE title is missing from the regular TV shows.. and the worst part is Reigns has both WWE titles which is why he's missing from Raw and Smackdown both.. extremely annoying.. Your thoughts, Sir..?

To me it's not quite on the Lesnar level yet.  It hasn't been going on for a long time.  Could it get to that point?  For sure.  The one point I agree with is they have to be really careful since Roman has both Titles.

Does Julie Hart have a relation to the Hart Family of Canada?

As far as I know she does not.  She’s from Minnesota and is a legitimate former cheerleader.

Rank in order the performances of the McMahons: Vince/Linda/Shane/Steph.

Vince is by far the best, which is of no surprise to anyone.  Linda is by far the worst, which also shouldn’t shock anyone.  As for the siblings?  It depends on what you like.  I would go with Steph because Shane’s stuff is just too unbelievable to me.  It’s not his fault that they booked him as Superman, but it’s just unbelievable to me.

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