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By Kendall Jenkins on 2022-05-30 13:58:00

Hey family!! We all know how rapidly the online gambling industry is growing but do you know how much percentage of online slots constitute in this industry of online casinos? Well, according to a study, 70% of the games in online casinos are slots which ultimately tells you about the popularity of the game. Also, these casinos are accessible from both the devices such as desktops and smartphones. This is why all people irrespective of their status can enjoy the benefits of online casinos. The slot machines are the ones that are responsible for the creation of chances of game for its players.

Types of online slots

It is simple mathematics, how can you win the game if you don't even know the type of game you are going to play? The slot machines come with spinning reels. There are symbols on the spinning reels which have different meanings. Look at the below points to know more about the types of slots in Singapore Online Casino.

  • Classic Slots: These are also known as three-reel slots and are considered the simplest ones. Do you know that these classic slots are also known as one-armed bandits? The classic slots are quick and easy. Easy in both the terms i.e. playing and Learning. The players here also win jackpots but that is the case when three same symbols appear. The only thing that classic slots lack is the number of reels. A low number of reels is equivalent to a reduction in the possible no. of combinations. Moreover, the players must play carefully because if you are not careful then you can lose your money too.

  • Video Slots: The number of reels in this slot machine is five which is why it is also called a five-reel slot. These are operated digitally and here, the players have the video screen instead of the mechanical reel which is why video slots are widely used in these modern times. You can also say that video slots are the bigger and more advanced version of the classic slots where the player just needs to press a button. Singapore Online Casino offers extraordinary graphics that come along with the incredible video and sound, hence it becomes a great attraction to the players.

  • Progressive Slots: In progressive slots or progressive jackpots, the interesting fact is that here the jackpot is made by the amount collected when the player makes a wager at that specific time. Hence, it is also termed an accumulated jackpot. Progressive slots have a very less chance of winning the payouts if the jackpots are large. 

  • 6 or 7 reel Slots: As the name suggests, these slots have more pay lines as compared to the five-reel slots. The interesting thing about these slots is the no. of symbols that line up during every spin. However, the Random Number Generator is still the same for these five-reel slots.

Features of Online Slots

The Best online casinos in Singapore offer several features which are discussed below:

  • The best feature of the online slots is the auto play. You are free to multitask while playing these slot games. You can choose to auto play the game and stop it anytime just by clicking on the button. The more interesting fact here is that you can also program the auto play game to stop if you are losing a lot of money in the game.

  • Free spins in these slot games come with the package. This feature is common for most casinos but what differs is the number of free spins. Yes8sg is the best Singapore Online Casino site that offers you maximum free spins as a reward which you can use to win.

  • The slots come with the pay line features too which are fixed pay line and variable pay line, Under the fixed pay lines, you cannot choose to bet, instead, you need to bet on every line whereas, under the variable pay line, you have the freedom to choose the number of lines you want to bet on.

If you are looking for the best online casino in Singapore, then you definitely need to register yourself with yes8sg because here you will get a marvelous gaming experience and you can enjoy it from any corner of the world.


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