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By Mike Johnson on 2022-05-30 17:37:00

MJF arrived at the building for AEW Double or Nothing while the Buy In was on the air and was sequestered into a room.  We are told this happened so quickly and quietly that most of the locker room had no idea whether he was there or not and even when his music hit, MJF was not in the gorilla position.  That led to some who knew he was there worried for a second that he had walked but then MJF showed up and went to the ring.  He left the building immediately after being stretchered out of the arena and did not remain for the rest of the show.  He was seen exiting the venue with AEW Producer Pat Buck. 

MJF is still in Vegas as of this writing, as is AEW management, so any assumptions or story that he flew home after the PPV or today would be incorrect.  There were some talents upset with him over the situation.  The belief among those we've spoken to today is that while there was some sort of agreement made to get through Double or Nothing, nothing has been resolved regarding the core issues between the two sides.  We are told they are more likely to sit down and try and work something now than they were a few days ago.  So, there is at least a chance the ice is thawing.

AEW talents and management are slated to head to Los Angeles tomorrow in advance of the LA debut at the Forum for Dynamite this Wednesday.

Cliff Compton and former WWE and ECW Exec Lou D'Angeli were at the show visiting as they are from Las Vegas and extremely close with CM Punk.

The same company that designed and produced the Crockett Cup for Jim Crockett Promotions built the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Cup.

Several Impractical Jokers cast members were backstage at the show.

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