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By James Kurokawa on 2022-05-26 19:15:00

From Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan:

1 - Master Wato vs. Titan

They begin with arm locks and chops. Titan dazzles with rope walks and a arm drag.  They exchange elbows.  Titan with a dropkick.  Wato with a plancha on Titan on the floor.   Both hit aerial kicks.   They battle on the top rope.  Titan lifts Wato off the top ropes and drops him with a shoulder breaker.   Two count by Titan.   Titan hits a running lariat.  Titan misses a top rope double stomp and tweaks his knee.  Wato with a German suplex pin.  Two count.  Wato hits a springboard upper cut.  Wato with Recientemente.  Two count.  Titan hammers Wato with chops and kicks.  Titan still limping on a bad right leg.  Wato blocks a super kick and hits one of his own.  Wato slams Titan and hits an RPP.

Wato pins Titan.

Master Wato gets to 4 points.  Titan has 2 points and is mathematically eliminated.

2 - DOUKI vs. TJP

TJP attacks DOUKI before the bell.  They fight to the floor.  TJP brings a chair into the ring.  DOUKI grabs the chair away.  TJP escapes to the floor.  DOUKI sets the chair up in the ring, thinking triple jump moonsault.   TJP jumps on the chair and takes down DOUKI with a hurricanrana.   The referee takes the chair away.  DOUKI hits a DDT on the ring apron.  TJP trips DOUKI on the top rope and he crashes hard.  TJP with a flipping senton.  Two count.  TJP charges at DOUKI who dodges and TJP lands on the floor.  DOUKI hits a plancha and puts TJP on a chair.  DOUKI hits a tope suicida.  DOUKI with a slam and a running double stomp.  Two count.  TJP with a spring board forearm.  Two count.  DOUKI hits Doton No Jutsu.  Two count.  DOUKI tries for Suplex de La Luna, but TJP reverses and goes for the Pinoy Stretch.   DOUKI reverses into the Italian Stretch #32.  TJP gets to the ropes.  TJP with a Final Cut.  Two count.  TJP goes for the Mamba Splash, but DOUKI traps him back in the Italian Stretch #32.   TJP goes to the ropes but DOUKI rolls him to the middle of the ring.  TJP reverses into the Pinoy Stretch.  

DOUKI taps out.

TJP gets to 6 points.  DOUKI remains at 6 points.  

Good match!   First time meeting for both men according to Kevin Kelly, but hopefully they will meet again.

3 - Clark Conners vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Kanemaru could not match Conners’ power so he made Conners chase him around the ring and attacked when he had the high ground.  Kanemaru with an inside cradle.  Two count.  Kanemaru with a Jacknife pin.  Two count. Kanemaru rakes the eyes and takes down Conners for another roll up pin.  Two count.  Kanemaru with an enzugiri and a reverse DDT.  Kanemaru goes for Deep Impact but Conners catches him off the ropes.   Kanemaru escapes and bounces off the ropes, but Conners hits a Jeep Flip.  Both men lay on the mat for a few seconds.  Conners goes to pick up Kanemaru but Kanemaru flips him into a Victory Roll.  Two count.  Conners with a big powerslam.  Kanemaru with a school boy.  Two count.  Conners hits a spear and a Trophy Kill.  

Conners pins Kanemaru.

Clark Conners gets to 6 points.  Yoshinobu Kanemaru stays at 4 points.

4 - Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Alex Zayne

The camera shows several fans with hand made Alex Zayne signs.  He is gaining popularity in Japan.

Good chain wrestling to start.  They bounce off the ropes and Zayne hits a double knee to the back and a flipping senton.  Taguchi misses a hip attack and Zayne hits a snap suplex.   Taguchi grabs Zayne in a head scissors and drives him into his rear end.   Zayne charges at Taguchi and falls to the floor.  Taguchi hits a hip attack off the ring apron.  Taguchi with a springboard hip attack and a plancha.  Taguchi is about to go for a Bum-aye, but Zayne ducks down.  Taguchi applies an ankle lock.  Zayne reverses out of the submission and hits some strikes.   He trips Taguchi and tries for a somersault leg drop, but misses.   

Taguchi pulls down his trunks showing his red underwear.  He goes for a hip attack.  Zayne grabs his waist in a bear hug and he screams “itagakimasu!” (Which is what they say in Japan before eating).  Zayne bites Taguchi in the butt. The crowd pops big.   Zayne poses to the crowd and Taguchi hits a hip attack.  They exchange elbows.  Zayne goes for his pop up knee strike to the rear end of Taguchi.  He hits it but he sells the knee like he hurt it on Taguchi’s butt.   Taguchi traps him in an ankle lock.  Zayne powers out and tries for a Baja Blast, which Taguchi reverses into a sunset flip pin.  Two count.  Zayne with an enzugiri.  Zayne hits a Cinnamon Twist.  

Zayne pins Taguchi.

Alex Zayne gets to 8 points.  Ryusuke Taguchi remains at 2 points and is mathematically eliminated.

Fun match.  The butt stuff that Taguchi does is silly and juvenile, especially in a wrestling match, but the crowd pops for it.  I cannot argue if the crowd likes that type of comedy.  It is cool to see Zayne playing along for the crowd’s enjoyment.  

5 - YOH vs. Francesco Akira

Akira hit a tope suicida as YOH was walking to the ring.  Akira with a body press from the top rope.  They throw elbows and kicks.  YOH dropkicks Akira to the floor and followed with a plancha.  YOH chops Akira in the corner.   YOH with a running elbow, a neck breaker and a Falcon Arrow.   Two count.  Akira with a wheelbarrow takedown and a double stomp.  Akira with a running elbow and a running lariat.  Akira follows up with a Facebuster and a Buzzsaw Kick.  Two count.  Akira with a superkick.  YOH hits a superkick of his own.  YOH hits three German suplexes.  Two count.   They battle on the top rope.  Akira hits a Spanish Fly.  Akira follows with Speedfire, and a Fireball.

Akira pins YOH.

Francesco Akira gets to 4 points.  YOH remains at 6 points.

Akira was really aggressive and talking trash.  This is what I expected him to be in New Japan.  Good stuff. 

6 - Wheeler Yuta vs. El Lindaman

Both men shake at the beginning, upholding the Code of Honor.  

They grapple at the start and they try aerial moves.  Lindaman hits a dropkick to Yuta’s head.  They exchange elbows and chops.  Lindaman sends Yuta to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo.   Lindaman goes for near falls but Yuta kicks out.  Lindaman goes to the top rope and Yuta kicks him to the floor.  Yuta with a tope suicida.  Yuta whips Lindaman’s arm over the top rope.  Yuta with a body press and follows with Cattle Mutilation.  Lindaman gets to the ropes.

Lindaman reverses out of the Pain Thriller and they throw elbows and strikes.  They hit each other with kicks.   They reverse out of finishers but Yuta is able to hit the Pain Thriller.  Two count.  Yuta hammers with elbows and goes for the Seat Belt Clutch.  Lindaman reverses out and hits a German suplex and bridge.  Two count.   Lindaman hits a Tiger Suplex.

Lindaman pins Yuta.

El Lindaman gets to 8 points.  Wheeler Yuta remains at 6 points.

7 - Ace Austin vs. Taiji Ishimori

They start with a fast pace hitting each other with quick attacks.  Ishimori gets the advantage by dropping Austin throat first on the ropes.  Ishimori takes off the turnbuckle pad and rams Austin’s left arm into the metal bolt.  Ishimori works over the arm.  Austin fights back with elbows and chops.  Ishimori charges at Austin but he ducks out of the way, sending Ishimori to the floor.  Austin hits Soar to Glory, to a big pop from the crowd.  Ishimori avoid a spin kick and hits Cipher UTAKI.  Austin charges and Ishimori sends him into the metal bolt.  Ishimori with a shoulder breaker.  Austin blocks La Mistica with elbows and kicks.  Austin hits House of Cards.  Austin hits The Fold.  Austin goes for the pin.  Ishimori gets his leg on the ropes.  

Ishimori rolls to the floor.  Austin throws him back in the ring.  Austin goes to the top rope and comes down with a leg drop.  Ishimori bounces off the ropes and gets La Mistica and applies the Bone Lock.  Austin gets the rope break.   Austin comes off the ropes with a spin kick.   Austin goes for The Fold again, but Ishimori counters into an inverted Bloody Cross.  Two count.  Ishimori goes for another Bloody Cross and Austin reverses into a Northern Lights suplex.  Two count.  Ishimori goes for another La Mistica, but Austin blocks it.  Austin rolls him up and bridges back for the pin.  

Both men had their shoulders on the mat.  The referee counts to three.  The graphics show Ace Austin as the winner.  The announcers argue that both men had their shoulders pinned.  

The referee says Austin is the winner.

Ace Austin takes the lead in A Block with 10 points total.  Taiji Ishimori remains at 8 points.

Great match until the finish.  Austin had to bridge with his neck to keep his shoulders up.  The camera clearly showed both of his shoulders on the mat.  You can argue that the referee made the judgement call, but Austin could have helped himself by doing that small thing so there would be no controversy.  Unless this was a part of a long term angle.

However, still a great match.  Austin is over in Japan and the crowd pops for him.  With this win, he should be in line for a title shot against Taiji Ishimori.

8 - BUSHI vs. El Desperado

BUSHI attacks quickly hitting Desperado with elbows.  Both moving with speed.   BUSHI with a hurricanrana taking Desperado to the floor.   Desperado punches BUSHI off the top rope.  Desperado slams BUSHI on the floor.  Desperado attacks BUSHI’s left leg with a chair.   Desperado pounds on the leg and traps him in a Stretch Muffler.  BUSHI crawls to the ropes.  BUSHI hits a hurricanrana and a DDT.  BUSHI with a dropkick to the knee and a back cracker.  BUSHI with a neck breaker.  BUSHI goes for MX.  Desperado dodges and takes out BUSHI’s legs.   Desperado with a Spinebuster and Guitarra de Angel.  Two count.  Desperado goes for Pinche Loco but BUSHI reverses out and hits a rewind kick.   BUSHI stuns Desperado with an short dropkick.  BUSHI hits a Code Breaker then a Destroyer.   BUSHI goes for the pin but Desperado grabs the ropes.  BUSHI hits a big MX.   

BUSHI pins Desperado.

BUSHI goes to 6 points total.  El Desperado remains at 8 points.   

Wow!  Good match and an upset, in my opinion.  BUSHI was at the top of his game in this match.  This give El Phantasmo a chance to take the lead in B Block. 

9 - Hiromu Takahashi vs. SHO

As Hiromu’s entrance music plays, SHO grabs a chair and tries to attack.  The referee tries to take the chair away from SHO. Hiromu appears behind him and throws another chair at SHO.  Hiromu rams SHO into the ring post.  Hiromu hits SHO with chops in the ring.  Hiromu with a running lariat and a basement dropkick.  SHO rolls to the floor.  Hiromu goes on the ring apron and goes for a running dropkick.  SHO pulls a young lion in front of him and he takes the dropkick from Hiromu.  Hiromu check on the young lion and SHO hits Hiromu with a chair.  SHO drives the chair into the knee.  Hiromu beats the count back to the ring.  SHO stomps and taunts Hiromu.  Hiromu hits a lariat sending him back to the floor.  Hiromu with a snap suplex on the floor and batters him against a metal wall in Korakuen.    Hiromu drags SHO back to the ring and hits a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron.  Damn!!   Hiromu hits a Sunset Bomb on the floor!  Good god!   Hiromu throws SHO in the ring and hits a lariat.  Two count by Hiromu.   Hiromu with a kick to the face. SHO pushes Hiromu into the referee.  SHO hits a release German suplex.   SHO grabs his wrench.  Hiromu with a superkick and the wrench goes flying.   SHO hits a Power Breaker.  Two count.   SHO goes for a cross arm piledriver but Hiromu reverses into a triangle choke.   SHO tries to lift Hiromu but he crumples to the mat.   

EVIL comes to the ring and pulls the referee to the floor.   SHO taps out and Hiromu celebrates.  SHO goes under the ring and grabs something.  SHO was adjusting his boot.  The camera switches to EVIL trying to attack Hiromu.  Hiromu with a super kick and he traps EVIL in the triangle choke.   EVIL rolls out of the ring in a daze.  SHO gets back in the ring and kicks Hiromu in the leg.  Hiromu screams and falls to the mat.  SHO applies an Indian Deathlock.

Hiromu taps out immediately.

SHO gets to 6 points.  Hiromu Takahashi remains at 6 points.   

Bullet Club looks to continue the loaded boot angle which was once El Phantasmo’s and now is going to be SHO’s gimmick.  

10 - Robbie Eagles vs. El Phantasmo

Good chain wrestling to begin.  Eagles hits a tope con hilo sending both men into the crowd.  Eagles goes for a shiranui but ELP blocks it and throws him headfirst into the ring post.  ELP hits a DDT on a chair.  ELP hangs Eagles on the Tree of Woe.  ELP hits two dropkicks to the face.  ELP with a brainbuster.   Two count.  ELP goes for a moonsault but Eagles escapes to the floor.  ELP hits a tope suicida.  ELP goes back to the ring and hits a running plancha over the top rope.   ELP moves the crowd at ringside.  ELP climbs to the top rope.  He rope walks to the middle and hits an Asai Moonsault Holy Crap!!   Eagles avoids the Moonsault and hits ELP with a double knee against  the metal guardrails.  ELP almost gets counted out.  He is selling the knee.  Eagles goes to work on the left leg with a leg bar.  Eagles hits a spring board dropkick to the knee and applies the Ron Miller Special.  ELP gets to the ropes.  Eagles tries for a Turbo Backpack but ELP counters into a UFO but he cannot lift Eagles.   Eagles hits two kicks.  ELP drops him with an enzugiri. 

They fight to their knees and their feet, throwing elbows and slaps.  ELP hits a lariat.  The exchange near falls.   ELP hits a Turbo Backpack and gets a two count.   ELP goes for a 450 splash but Eagles moves out of the way.  Eagles lifts ELP into a UFO position and hits a Burning Hammer.  Eagles hits Thunderkiss 86 from the top rope.  Two count.   ELP hits Sudden Death.  Two count.   ELP tries for CR2 but Eagles reverses into a roll up pin. Two count.  Eagles hits a Tiger Driver.  Two count.  Eagles locks in the Ron Miller Special.  ELP gets to the ropes.  Eagles goes to the top rope.  ELP crotches him.  ELP climbs the rope and puts Eagles on his shoulders.  ELP walks on the middle rope and spins Eagles with a UFO.  

ELP hits a CR2.  But he is slow to cover.  Eagles kicks out at two.  ELP hits a V-Trigger and goes for a One Winged Angel.  Eagles counters into a Poisonrana.  Eagles hits the 450 on ELP’s legs and applies the Ron Miller Special.

ELP taps out.

Robbie Eagles gets to 6 points.   El Phantasmo remains at 8 points.   There is a three way tie in B Block between El Phantasmo, El Lindaman and El Desperado.

Eagles gets the mic and tells El Phantasmo I may hate you, but I thank you for bringing out the best in me.   Eagles thanks the crowd for their support.   

Overall, all the matches were good to great.  The drama is building as the Block leaders are trying to keep their top spots.  Those with 4-6 points are fighting their way up.  

The BOSJ returns on Saturday, May 28. 

BOSJ 29 A Block Standings:

Ace Austin - 10

Clark Conners - 6

Alex Zayne - 8

Yoshinobu Kanemaru - 4

Francesco Akira - 4

SHO - 6

Ryusuke Taguchi - 2

Hiromu Takahashi - 6

YOH - 6

Taiji Ishimori - 8

BOSJ 29 B Block Standings:


El Lindaman - 8


El Phantasmo - 8

Robbie Eagles - 6

Wheeler Yuta - 6

Master Wato - 4

TJP - 6

Titan - 2

El Desperado - 8

Thanks for reading.


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