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By Eric Denton on 2022-05-26 13:11:00

Young Rock S2 E11 - You Gotta Get Down To Get Up Recap

Williamette Valley, Oregon, 24 Hours Until The Presidential Election...

Dwayne and Randall are at a table together at Forest Whitaker’s winery. Randall is jealous that after all the time they spent together that he wasn’t invited. It’s making the camera crew uncomfortable. Randall asks why he is here and not on the campaign trail. The Rock says he has always forged his own path and then goes into the story about being sent to Memphis by Vince McMahon to get ready for the WWF. 

Memphis 1996...

Dwayne and Downtown Bruno are back together. The Rock explains Bruno’s ride from being Harvey Wippleman to being back in Lawler’s company as a referee. Bruno asks what name is he going to use. We see a montage of his family offering up suggestions. 

At the TV tapings Dwayne runs into Jeff Jarrett.  Jarrett says “Dewey? Your Dad owes me $40”. The Booker comes up and asks Dwayne what his character name is going to be. He says “Flex Kavana." 

Randall is surprised he wasn’t The Rock from the start. The Rock says he didn’t want to rely on the family name. He chose “Flex” because wrestlers flex and “Kavana” because it sounded like a bad ass Polynesian name. Randall cringes. The Rock says most didn’t like it. We get another montage of his family reacting to it. 

Dwayne is put into a tag team with Brian Christopher. Childhood friends now a team. They go out to the ring. Brian cuts a promo introducing Flex and Dwayne blows it. 

Back in the locker room, everyone is joking with Dwayne about how bad he was on the promo. The booker Billy Crane yells at Bruno to tear down the ring and he bosses around the wrestlers.

Dwayne talks to Rocky and Ata about his televised performances. After they get off the phone with him, Lia scolds them for pushing their advice and tells them to let him find his own way.

In the car Dwayne, Bruno, Brian and Chilly Willy are complaining about Crane.  They’re driving through a small town and Dwayne does the duck and drive. The car explains that this town is actually quite liberal and he’ll be safe. 

At the USWA event, Dwayne realizes the booker is also a wrestler. 

After the show they are watching Steve Austin’s 3:16 promo from the 1996 King of the Ring tournament. Dwayne says that’s the level he needs to get to. 

Randall says he remembers that moment. The Rock says Austin sold so many shirts because of it. Randall says it was the greatest catchphrase until “can you smell what The Rock is cookin’.”  He tries to do The People’s Eyebrow but his Botox won’t allow it.

The Rock describes working 8 shows a week to improve in the ring. On the car rides to and from towns Bruno would play cassette tapes of wrestler promos. We see promos from Don Muraco, Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. 

At the TV tapings Crane is in the ring and Dwayne & Brian are watching the DQ finish where Bruno takes brass knuckles away from Crane. Crane cuts a promo bullying Bruno, making fun of him from going from WWF to lowly ref who works for him for only $15 a match. Dwayne gets in the ring and grabs the mic and cuts a promo on Crane. We get the “It doesn’t matter” and “come get some” lines. The crowd warms up to him. 

At the next show, Jerry Lawler challenges Flex to a championship match. Lawler says if Flex loses he has to leave Memphis. In the ring, Lawler lets Dwayne know he’s losing because he got the call to WWF. He congratulates him. The Rock says, “It never felt so good to lose." 

Randall can’t believe how fast he was called up. 

On his way out of Memphis we see Dwayne fixed the ceiling of Bruno’s trailer.

At Titan Towers, Dwayne has a meeting with Vince McMahon. Vince tells Dwayne he’s debuting at Madison Square Garden and that they won’t be running from his family legacy. He chooses the name Rocky Maivia (Ata’s suggestion from earlier). 

Back at the winery, Forest brings Julian in to meet with The Rock. They all drink some wine but it breaks down into another argument. Forest asks if there is anything that can be done to squash their beef. The Rock says no but Julian says there is one thing… 

But that’s in part two of the season finale....

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