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By James Kurokawa on 2022-05-24 18:32:00

5/24/22 Results from the Best of the Super Jr. 29 from Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan:

The biggest crowd back at Korakuen Hall, since the pandemic began, according to Kevin Kelly.

Alex Zayne vs. Fancesco Akira

No TJP at ringside with Akira.  Big reaction from the Korakuen crowd for Zayne.

Zayne takes down Akira and drops a double knee.  Zayne with a twisting senton.  Akira counters with a dropkick to the neck.   He trips up Zayne in the corner and hits a running basement dropkick to Zayne’s neck again.  Akira slows it down with a headlock.  Zayne fights out and hits a lariat.  Zayne with a somersault leg drop.   Akira reverses out of a Baja Blast and they exchange counters.  Zayne with a kick to the head.  Akira with a dropkick from the second rope.  Akira with a running lariat and a Spanish Fly from the second rope.  Zayne kicks out at two.  They exchange strikes.  Zayne blocks a Poisonrana and hits a pop up knee strike.   Akira connects with a Poisonrana, but cannot make the cover.   Zayne rolls to the apron.  Akira dropkicks him to the floor.  Akira with an Asai Moonsault.  Back in the ring, Akira with a hurricanrana with a roll up.  Zayne kicks out at two.  Akira tries for Speedfire but Zayne reverses out and hits a powerbomb.  Two count.   Zayne hits a Baja Blast and then a Taco Driver.

Zayne pins Akira.

Alex Zayne earns 2 points, bringing his total to 6 points.  Francesco Akira stays at 2 points.

Titan vs. TJP

Titan takes TJP down with a snap mare.  TJP tried to slow it down, but they quicken the pace with Lucha style wrestling.  TJP catches Titan in an Indian Death Lock and then a Muta Lock.  Titan gets to the ropes.   They battle on the top rope.  TJP goes for Titan’s mask but the referee stops him.  TJP hangs Titan on the Tree of Woe and dropkicks Titan’s knee.   TJP attacks the right knee.  They both get to their feet and hit quick strikes.  Titan takes TJP out of the ring with a body scissors.  Titan follows with a flipping senton on the floor and almost lands in the crowd.   Back in the ring, Titan hits a superkick.  Two count.  Titan takes down TJP and goes for a cross arm breaker.  TJP fights out and goes for an STF.  Titan gets to the ropes.  They trade strikes.   Titan goes for a tornado DDT but TJP catches him and drops him on the top rope with a Hot Shot.  TJP goes for a running kick but Titan connects with a tornado DDT and a Falcon Arrow.   TJP hits a Superplex and a Final Cut.  Titan kicks out at two.  TJP goes for a Mamba Splash but Titan gets his knees up.   Titan goes for a La Magistral and several near falls but TJP reverses out and applies the Pinoy Stretch.  Titan gets to the ropes.  TJP goes for a double stomp.  Titan with an enzugiri, sending TJP to the floor.  Titan hits a double stomp from the top rope to the floor.  Damn!!   Titan goes for a pin but TJP kicks out.   Titan hits another double stomp on TJP’s back.  

Titan pins TJP.

Titan earns his first 2 points.  TJP still has 2 points.

Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Clark Conners

They begin with arm locks.  Taguchi going after Conners taped up left arm.  Taguchi hits several hip attacks.  Taguchi whips Conners to the turnbuckle and he leap to the second rope.  Taguchi goes to chop the rear end of Conners, but he hurts his arm.  Taguchi points at Conners’ backside and shakes his arm in pain.  Taguchi tries to headbutt Conners backside but knocks himself silly and he falls to the mat.  Conners teases Taguchi with his own hip attack and Taguchi backs off afraid.  Conners hits a running hip attack and Taguchi is dazed.  Conners hits multiple hip attacks to Taguchi’s head who then wobbles across the ring and falls to the mat.  Conners makes a cover, but only a two count.   Taguchi hits his own running hip attack and goes for an ankle lock.   Conners kicks him away and goes for a spear.  Taguchi hits him with an enzugiri.   Both men are down and they get to their feet.  Both try the same move but Conners hits his hip attack.  They get to their feet and exchange hip attacks.  Crowd is loving this match.  Conners goes for a spear, but Taguchi grabs him in an ankle lock.   Conners pulls Taguchi with his leg and Taguchi’s head bounces off Conners’ backside, to break the submission.   Conners hits the spear and a powerslam.  Conners hits the Trophy Kill.

Conners pins Taguchi.

Clark Conners earns his first 2 points.   Ryusuke Taguchi remains at 2 points.

BUSHI vs. Wheeler Yuta

They start quick coming off the ropes.  Yuta with a slam and a senton.  BUSHI dropkicks the left knee.  BUSHI uses a head scissors choke.  Yuta gets the rope break.  BUSHI suplexes Yuta gut first on the top rope and dropkicks him in the head off the second rope.  Yuta dropkicks BUSHI to the floor.  Yuta with a tope suicida.  Yuta with a running lariat and a springboard forearm.  BUSHI hits a DDT and a dropkick.  Yuta with an enzugiri.   Yuta with a German suplex pin.  BUSHI kicks out.  Yuta spins him around and applies Cattle Mutilation.   BUSHI gets to the ropes.  Yuta goes for Pain Thriller but BUSHI rolls out and hits a rewind kick.  BUSHI goes for a lung blower, but Yuta block it and rolls BUSHI over.  Yuta hammers him with elbows.   He rolls BUSHI into the Seat Belt Clutch.

Yuta pins BUSHI.

Wheeler Yuta earns 2 points, with 4 points total. BUSHI remains at 4 points.

YOH vs. Ace Austin

Big reaction for Austin’s entrance.  Shingo Takagi at ringside seemed to pop for him as well.

They exchange drop toe holds.  Austin took down YOH and when for the arm submission.  He pulls out the Ace card and does the paper cut.  They battle to the floor.  YOH hits a plancha on Austin.   Austin with a somersault plancha and a top rope leg drop.  Two count.  YOH takes Austin down with a body scissors and a roll up.  Two count.  YOH transitions to a leg bar submission.  Austin gets to the ropes.  YOH hits three German suplexes.  They exchange kicks.  Austin hits a roundhouse kick and House of Cards.  Austin hits The Fold.

Austin pins YOH.

Ace Austin gets to 6 points total.   YOH has 4 points.

Kevin Kelly and Chris Charlton said fans at Korakuen were lined up for blocks to get an autograph from Ace Austin, who looks to be very popular in Tokyo.  I think Austin has adapted to the New Japan style of wrestling very well. 

DOUKI vs. El Phantasmo

They begin the match with speed and quick moves.   DOUKI takes ELP to the floor with hurricanrana.  DOUKI hits a tornado DDT to the floor.  ELP is dazed.  DOUKI goes into the crowd in the bleachers.  DOUKI jumps over Kevin Kelly’s announce desk with a body press.  ELP is almost counted out.  ELP blocks a Daybreaker but ELP suplexes him out of the ring.  ELP hit a moonsault from the top rope to the floor.  ELP with a spring board moonsault, suplex then a sit down powerbomb.  Two count.  ELP with a UFO.  Two count.  ELP misses Sudden Death and DOUKI counters with an enzugiri.  DOUKI goes for a Daybreaker but trips off the ropes and crashes on the mat.  ELP mocks DOUKI and goes to pick him up.  DOUKI traps him in a small package pin.


DOUKI earns 2 points, with 4 points total. El Phantasmo stays at 6 points.

The crowd pops.  ELP is in shock. DOUKI is so excited and he does the DX crotch crop in ELP’s face.   

Master Wato vs. Robbie Eagles

They begin throwing kicks.  Wato with a side Russian leg sweep and applies Vendaval.   Eagles immediately crawls to the ropes.   They trade kicks and strikes.  Eagles with a basement dropkick.  Eagles uses quick kicks to stun Wato.  Wato with a tilt a whirl backbreaker.  Wato sends Eagles to the floor with a dropkick.  Wato follows with a twisting splash.  Eagles bumped hard.  Back in the ring, Wato with a flying uppercut from the top.  Eagles fights back by clipping the left leg and a basement dropkick to Wato’s head.   Eagles hit a double knees to the face.  Eagles goes for a 450, Wato blocks it and they exchange kicks and strikes.  Wato goes for a high kick.  Eagles ducks and takes down Wato and applies Ron Miller Special.  Rope break.  Wato reverses out of a Turbo Backpack and hits a high German suplex.  Two count.  Wato goes to the top rope.  Eagles follows and they fight on the ropes.  Eagles sweeps Wato off the ropes and Wato bangs his head a few times as he falls to the floor.  Eagles goes for a tope suicida but Wato kicks him in the face.   They exchange kicks. Eagles goes for a Turbo Backpack.  Wato reverses out and rolls up Eagles.

Wato pins Eagles.

Master Wato gets his first 2 points.   Robbie Eagles stays at 4 points.

Hiromu Takahashi vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Kanemaru attacks Hiromu on the floor before the bell.  Hiromu fights back with a Death Valley Driver into the corner.  Hiromu goes for Time Bomb but Kanemaru reverse out into a Victory Roll.  Two count.  Kanemaru attacks the left leg and applies the figure four.  Hiromu gets to the ropes.   Kanemaru wraps his leg around the ring post.  Kanemaru hits the leg with a chair.  Hiromu screamed in pain.  Kanemaru hits a knee breaker on the chair.  Hiromu almost gets counted out.  Kanemaru applies the figure four again.  Kanemaru drags him to the middle of the ring.  

Hiromu taps out.

Yoshinobu Kanemaru earns his first 2 points.  Hiromu Takahashi stays at 6 points.

Wow!   Hiromu tapped out!  There was audible surprise of shock from the crowd.   This was a dominant performance by Kanemaru and a very methodical attack.  Very cool to watch play out. I am not sure if Hiromu is legitimately injured, but I would not be surprised.  

Taiji Ishimori vs. SHO

Bullet Club vs. Bullet Club.  No Dick Togo with SHO.

They tease the Two Sweet Salute.  SHO tries to poke Ishimori in the eye, but Ishimori beats him to it.  Ishimori keeps attacking eyes.  SHO rolls to the floor.  Ishimori takes the turnbuckle pad off.  SHO throws Ishimori into the metal bolt in the corner.  They go to the floor and SHO uses anything he can find to attack Ishimori.  SHO focuses his attack on the arm, but Ishimori rakes the eyes.  Ishimori send SHO’s left arm into the metal bolt.  Ishimori goes for La Mistica but Ishimori counters and hits a spear.  SHO goes for a Shock Arrow, Ishimori reverses.  Ishimori pokes SHO in the eye and hits a hand spring spin kick.  Ishimori grabs the IWGP Jr Title belt.  Ishimori throws the belt to SHO and pretends that SHO hit him.  The referee takes the belt away.  They exchange quick pin attempts.  SHO plants Ishimori with a release German suplex.  SHO grabs his title belt.  The referee takes it away.  SHO grabs his wrench.  Ishimori kicks it out of his hands and picks it up.  SHO begs for Ishimori to not hit him.   Ishimori gives the wrench to SHO.  SHO smiles and goes to hit Ishimori.  Ishimori falls to the corner screaming and grabbing his head as the referee sees SHO holding the wrench.  The referee grabs the wrench from SHO and tosses it to the floor.  With the referee’s back turned, Ishimori grabs his belt and smashes SHO in the face.

Ishimori pins SHO.

Taiji Ishimori remains undefeated with 8 points.  SHO stays at 2 points.

El Desperado vs. El Lindaman

Lindaman dropkicks Desperado to the floor.  Lindaman follows with a senton.  Lindaman with a top rope dropkick.  Two count.  Lindaman chokes and stomps Desperado in the corner.  Desperado rakes the eyes.  Lindaman hits him with a running elbow.  Lindaman goes for a cross arm breaker.  Desperado gets a rope break and goes to the floor.  Back in the ring, Desperado hits a Spinebuster.  Desperado drags Lindaman to the floor and hammer each other with chops.  Desperado with a Hot Shot, which bounces Lindaman’s head on the ring apron.   Desperado hits a suicida con hilo through the ropes and into the crowd.    Crazy spot.  

Back in the ring, they exchange elbows.  Desperado hits Guitarra de Angel.   Two count.  Desperado attacks the left leg with kicks.  Desperado charges and Lindaman hits an Exploder into the corner.  Desperado favoring his right knee.  They battle to the top rope. Lindaman takes down Desperado off the ropes into a cross arm breaker.  Desperado screams in pain and fights to the ropes.  Lindaman elevates Desperado by the arm and slams him to the mat.   Lindaman goes for a deadlift German suplex.  Desperado blocks it and reverses into Numero Dos.  Lindaman gets to the ropes.  Desperado with an Olympic Slam.  Two count.  Lindaman fights back with elbows.  Lindaman hits a deadlift German.  Two count.  They reversed out of each other’s finishers.   Lindaman hits a Tiger Suplex with a bridge.

Lindaman pins Desperado.

El Lindaman gets to 6 total points.  El Desperado remains at 6 points.

Wow!  They have been hyping this match since Desperado held the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title. El Lindaman bested him tonight. 

Lindaman took the mic and he sold that this was a free show on New Japan World and he hopes the new audience will subscribe.  

Overall, this was the best night of the BOSJ 29. Every match had positive moments and I think every wrestler performed well knowing this was an event that many eyes will be watching.  El Lindaman is very charismatic, similar to Hiromu Takahashi, and it was an interesting decision to have him close out this particular event.  Please check out this free event on New Japan World.

BOSJ 29 A Block Standings:

Ace Austin - 6

Clark Conners - 2

Alex Zayne - 6

Yoshinobu Kanemaru - 2

Francesco Akira - 2

SHO - 2

Ryusuke Taguchi - 2

Hiromu Takahashi - 6

YOH - 4

Taiji Ishimori - 8

BOSJ 29 B Block Standings:


El Lindaman - 6


El Phantasmo - 6

Robbie Eagles - 4

Wheeler Yuta - 4

Master Wato - 2

TJP - 2

Titan - 2

El Desperado - 6

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