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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-05-23 23:52:00

Southeast First Uncharted Territory “Season 4, Episode 3”

5/23/22 - Red Bank, TN

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There was a VERY eventful ACTION wrestling show over the weekend, with Marcus Mathers making his presence and intentions towards the IWTV championship known to AC Mack. As we start the show, Dylan Hales is in the ring and inviting the champ to the room. Mack has a noticeable limp in his step, a product of his match with Alan Angels. Hales has some announcements. First off, John Wayne Murdoch couldn’t make it tonight but Adam Priest WILL be competing. Secondly, Hales announces that they have a huge challenge for Mack in two weeks. SPEEDBALL MIKE BAILEY! Mack wants to defend his championship tonight though…

Cut to black. We get a promo video for R.A.L.P.H., the winner of season 2 of Masked Wrestler! He’s looking forward to his title match. We come back to the arena, Marcus Mathers slides in and hits a chop block. He stomps out the knee of Mack! He tells Hales that he wants his title match NOW. 

Match 1: AC Mack(c) vs Marcus Mathers (for the IWTV championship)

Mack almost gets the Mack 10 right away! Mathers out! Powerbomb out of the corner! Mathers applies a half crab! Mack makes the crawl and gets the rope! Mathers keeps on the knee, wraps it on the post and gives it a heavy kick! Chop to the knee! Huge stomps on the bottom rope. Mack is screaming in pain! Mathers grapevines the legs and drops back repeatedly…muta lock! Mathers landing slaps, Mack with a hard back hand! He tries to wind up a kick but Mathers catches the leg and tortures that limb. Mathers grabs the ring steps…Mack dropped knee first into the wood. He poses over the champ as the crowd boos him mercilessly. Mathers wants a swanton…nobody home! Mack with a drop toe hold, double knee to the back of the head. Mack lifts the head and drops him in his head. One leg dropkick! Two count! He tries the Mack 10 again. Mathers reverses out, crumbles the champ with blow after blow. Swinging facebuster! Mathers hits the 450! The ref counts three but Mack’s feet are over the rope. He’s still in it! Mathers is furious and in the ref’s face. He turns back around, Mack’s nails him with a snap ball tap. Mack 10 finally connects and Mathers is down for the count!

Winner: AC Mack

So yeah! Uncharted Territory is live on IWTV! Scott Hensley is your announcer. Dylan Hales & Jumpin Johnny Moseley are  on commentary. Let’s gooooo!

Match 2: Shazza McKenzie vs Jaden Newman

It’s Shazza’s final match of her Uncharted stint on this US trip. She gets a first time match against someone she absolutely wanted to fight. Shazza stuns Jaden with a quick pin early. Jaden hates to be taunted. Shazza gets the wrist, rope walk rana! Jaden out to the floor and Shazza comes flying after. Jaden hits a big suplex for two! He tries a crucifix pin and transitions to an octopus variant. He tries to grind her out but she cracks him with a forearm. Trading hard slaps! Jaden fakes a kick and sends her to the apron and promptly walks into a headkick. 10 chest kicks trapped in the ropes! Shazza takes him out of the corner with a sitout powerbomb! Jaden reverses the finish, great powerslam! Shazza reverses the Ricola bomb into a pair of back suplexes! Split leg stunner! Back and forth pin attempts! Rolling that pin around, Jaden slips out and wraps up the hangman’s clutch and Shazza has to tap out!

Winner: Jaden Newman

Match 3: Bojack vs Sean Campbell

Bojack has a huge size advantage over Campbell….but this kid is KOBK. Campbell trying his high flying moves but Bojack keeps overpowering. Catches Sean off the top and power slams for two. Corner splash, big boot, senton…Campbell kicks out! He tries the rana again…Bojack catches and gives him one of the most unholy buckle bombs I’ve ever seen. Bojack sinks in a Boston crab just to torture Sean. Sean dodges another corner splash.Campbell throws himself at Bojack but bounces off. Bojack whips him off the rope, Campbell with a tornado ddt! Moonsault for two! Bojack dodges the finish, POUNCE! Huge lariat takes Campbell’s head off. Three count!

Winner: Bojack

Match 4: Kevin Ku vs BK Westbrook

This is definitely a non title affair for Ku, who is bringing none of his gold to the ring this week. Westbrook aggressive but overconfident early. He gives Ku a hard spine kick and Kevin wakes up. Hard kicks, & slaps! Westbrook with a lariat to the back of the head! Trading chops, this is Ku’s game. Westbrook dodges out of the corner…TKO hotshot sends Ku to the floor. Wow what a gross bump. Westbrook trying to capitalize, Ku kicks the legs out. Big slam gives him the space. Snap dragon for two! Westbrook with a low kick, suplex! Running corner dropkick! Diving elbow drop! Kick out! He’s getting confident again and gives Ku a slap…Kevin chops the life out of him. Springboard back elbow from BK! Exploder! He tries a pin but Ku’s out. Springboard back elbow…Ku forearms him out of the air! Fisherman’s buster! Westbrook is done!

Winner: Ku Kevin

Anthony Henry’s music hits and he makes a point to stare down long time rival Kevin Ku before the ACTION champ makes his exit.

Match 5: Anthony Henry vs “The Locksmith” Brandon Williams

This goes right to the graps. Henry with a headlock takeover, Williams reverses to the ankle but Henry makes space. Henry tries a quick crucifix. Williams with a low suplex…Henry rolls through to take the back…arm breaker! Williams frees himself!  Great reversal scramble over a wrist lock. Henry is sick of the wrestling stalemate and lands a hard chop. Williams tries a sick kimura but Henry kicks the arm out. Trip to head kick combo! Corner clotheslines connect, Williams trips Henry into the buckles. Fisherman’s suplex! Kick out! Henry slaps on a crossface but Williams is out! Henry with an enziguri…Williams catches the ankle lock! Henry out…they starch each other with hard slaps! Williams says Henry is going to respect him. Anthony with a hard slap and drops Williams. Brandon dodges the buzzsaw kick! Ankle lock! Henry flips and gets the arm, hammerlock with the legs and Henry falls back to stretch the other arm. Williams can’t tap and has to verbally submit! Really enjoyed this!

Winner: Anthony Henry

The real question…did Williams do enough to get his respect? Henry considers it and gives that handshake of approval!

Match 6: Wrestling’s Cutest Couple (Kenzie Page & Hunter Drake) vs Bills Gettin’ Paid (Billie Starkz & Billy Tipton)

Tipton is ready to fight but Kenzie says “I don’t touch other men” and tags in her “big strong man”. Tipton picks him up. Kenzie screams to put him down. Tipton does, onto the back of his head. Kenzie tags in, I guess she’s cool with it now. Tipton shoots her to the corner, tags to Billie and the tandem beatdown begins. Good early tag moves. Drake interferes from the corner, stomp to Billie on the apron! Starkz getting choked on the corner. Kenzie with a senton for two. Kenzie and Hunter grinding Billie out on the ropes. Chokes, double knees, dropkick to the back of the head for two! Starkz catches Kenzie with a half and half suplex!  Tipton is in! Buckle bomb to Drake…he holds it! Powerbomb for two! Drake ramps Stark off the apron, poke to the eyes! Double face buster! Knee to the chin but Billie saves the pin! Starkz fights off a Spanish fly! Tipton catches Kenzie with a powerslam. Starkz off the top with a swanton. She breaks the pin because she sees Nick Iggy running in from the back. It’s a 3 on 2 beatdown as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

Nick Iggy says everyone is jealous of Kenzie and Drake’s love. He puts everyone over, including himself. Iggy says it doesn’t matter if they win or lose…just that they get the last laugh. Jaden Newman hits the ring and runs them off. If these three think they are a power trio…let’s give them a test. Next week? Iggy, Hunter & Kenzie vs Jaden, MERC and BRETT ISON. 

It’s time for the Discovery Gauntlet! You gotta win it to stay in it! 

Match 7: Merrik Donovan vs Diego Hill

They test each other early. Merrik hits a big shoulder block but Diego kips right back up. Merrik with a Boston crab but Hill gets the rope. Hill speeds it up, slides & spins, kip up dropkick to the corner, slingshot spinning back kick! Donovan hits a backbreaker and grunts into a German suplex! Corner crossbody for two! Hill tries a slingshot crossbody but Merrik catches, powerslam to a senton for two! Merrik grabs a stretch muffler! Hill fights out but rebounds into a lariat! Donovan comes running, Hill hits a Spanish fly! Donovan rolls out! Hill with a Fosbury flip! Running corkscrew shooting star for two! Trading heavy hands back and forth! Hill ducks the lariat, German! Hill runs in, straight right hand! Hill with a stunner counter! Lethal injection for two! Hill kicks out the leg. Spinning kick drills Merrik’s head to the mat. Two count! Merrick with a backfist, snap dragon and finishes Hill with the double axe handle to the back of the head. Huzzah!

Winner: Merrik Donovan

Suge D is head and holds his staple gun to the back of his head. Suge asks if Merrik is getting tired because Diego made him work. Suge says that he’s going to hurt Merrik…but it’s gonna be the kind of hurt that lasts. Merrik gets right in his face and shows Suge some Killer Instinct. Suge dares him to put a staple in him…he says Merrik will regret it if he doesn’t….Merrik doesn’t sink to Suge’s level. Suge apologizes for what is going to come next. 

Well, what IS coming next is Adam Priest is getting the main event he thinks he deserves. Priest makes a point to run down his previous opponent, John Wayne Murdoch. But who does he have tonight? AKIRA. He wants to run down deathmatch wrestlers as garbage? Have a deathmatch samurai.

Main Event: Adam Priest vs Akira

Priest doesn’t wait for Akira to make his entrance and attacks as soon as he’s through the ropes. Priest blasts Akira to the wall but he gets sent to the support post. Akira with an apron cannonball! He whiffs a senton, Priest with a side suplex but Akira pops up! Back suplex to an armbar! Priest out, tries to crank the neck off. He stomps the hands and works that arm and wrist. Akira firing back with slaps! Priest with a brain buster! They fight up on the top rope, Priest seems to grab something from next to the speaker? Akira drags him down into a muta lock! Tiger suplex! Dragon suplex! Sweep the leg, double stomp! German suplex! Priest stuck in a deep STF! Regal plex! So many suplexes! Is AKIRA wanting a fight with Alex Kane? Priest throws Akira into the ref. Priest grabs that object from his trunks and decks Akira. He hides the evidence,

DDT and Akira goes limp for the three!

Winner: Adam Priest

Adam Priest storms over to commentary. He says Uncharted Territory isn’t about anything but giving him more TV time. Next week, he dares John Wayne Murdoch to show up and he’ll even let it be a street fight. Roll tide?


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