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By Mike Johnson on 2022-05-19 16:30:00

Stephanie McMahon, World Wrestling Entertainment's Chief Brand Officer just announced she will taking a leave of absense from duties at the company.

McMahon made the following announcement via Twitter:

McMahon has been working for the company full-time since graduating college, making her on camera debut during the late 1990s Attitude Era.  Behind the scenes, she took over as head of creative in 2000 and became Chief Brand Officer in 2013.

The word making the rounds within the company is that McMahon, as she noted, has decided to take a break to focus on her family and the belief is that at some point, she will be returning, but there's no time table. One would think this means they will, obviously, have someone else handling some of her current duties until she returns.

With everything McMahon and her family have been through with her husband Paul Levesque's health over the last year, one can't blame her for wanting to take a break and focus on what's most important, her children.

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