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By Anthony Pires on 2022-05-12 23:01:00

Welcome to the New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV report!

We are in Chicago at NJPW Windy City Riot!

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Minoru Suzuki

This should be a straight up scientific match. Suzuki has had one hell of a US tour. Right away they exchange forearms. 36 by my count.  Kick by Suzuki, he misses the PK. Suzuki works the right arm. Action spills to the floor and things go into the crowd as Ishii gets sent over the rail.  Ishii with a chair, Suzuki grabs one and they duel. The chairs fall.

They return to the ring. Suzuki works the right arm. Kick by Suzuki. Ishii with forearms, Suzuki wants more. Powerslam by Ishii. Chops by Ishii.  Ishii fores away in the corner, Suzuki likes it.  Shoulder block by Ishii. Elbows by Suzuki he nails a PK. Suzuki mocks him and kicks the head.  Forearm exchange. I count 32. Suzuki goes goes down.  13 forearms get exchanged and Ishii is down. Kick by Suzuki and a clothesline by Ishii.  They trade palm strikes and both men go down.  

This has been brutal and methodical.

They trade headbutts and forearms. Suzuki is rocked but he fires back with a huge combination. Headbutts by Suzuki and down goes Ishii

Suzuki gets blocked trying the Gotch piledriver.  Both are down. Clotheslines by Ishii, Suzuki geta back up. Lariat by Ishii and Suzuki responds in kind.

Forearm by Suzuki. Ishii blocks the piledriver and downs Suzuki with a headbutt.  Brainbuster and Ishii scores the pin.


Eddie Kingston challenges Ishii to a match on May 14th in Washington DC. Ishii immediately accepts.

Jon Moxley vs. Will Ospreay

It's The Death Rider vs. the Commonwealth Kingpin. Moxley comes out through the crowd. They square off in the crowd and trade forearms.  Moxley wins that exchange. Ospreay fights back with an elbow but it's Moxley with a clothesline sending Ospreay over the top and into the ring, officially starting this one.  Mox with a choke.  Mox with a chop and a back elbow. Osprey with a HUGE elbow sends Mox to the floor.

The Kingpin with a corkscrew to Mox on the floor. Chop by Osprey. Mox gets sent into the barricade and into the crowd.  Moxley with punches and he throws Osprey into the timekeepers table. Ospreay connects with a chair throw and Moxley is split open. Back in the ring, Ospreay tears away at the cut.  Ospreay rubs the blood on his body. Mox fights back but Ospreay stomps him down.  Elbow by Ospreay and he bites the wound. They exchange chops. 

Kick by Osprey and the Kingpin with a right hand punch. Spinning  backbreaker for 2 by Ospreay. Chop by Ospreay. Mox with a snap German suplex.  A dropkick by Moxley sends Ospreay to the floor. Moxley slumps in the corner. Ospreay is now cut open and we're only 5 minutes in. 

This is great! 

Knee strike by Moxley.  9 punches by Moxley into a suplex for 2.  Ospreay blocks the Death Rider.  They exchange forearms.

Forearm by Moxley as Ospreay tried a springboard forearm. They exchange forearms on the apron.  OMFG Ospreay with an Ozcutter on the apron. Both are down.  Ospreay sends Moxley onto the timekeeper's table.  HUGE elbow off the top through the table by Ospreay.  The referee declares he's not stopping this.

Moxley beats the count but he is pouring blood. Dropkick by Ospreay.  Shooting star pres by Ospreay for 2.

Moxley blocks the Ozcutter and nails the Death Rider. Ospreay with a Hidden Blade.  Both are down.  On their knees, they trade punches.  Big lariat for 1 by Moxley.  Now they're trading lariats, both are down. Piledriver by Mox and a Fall Away Powerbomb by Ospreay for 2.

Guys, $20.00 is less than 4 gallons of gas.  Order this replay and walk to work one day. You're welcome.

Moxley blocks hidden blade and applies a choke. Ospreay escapes and nails Ozcutter for 2. Ospreay rains elbows to the back of Moxley's head. Moxley answers with a lariat and a curb stomp for 2.  Ospreay with a hook kick and a Spanish Fly for 2.  Hidden Blade by Ospreay for 2.  Death Rider by Moxley.  He hold on for a 2nd for a pinfall (BARELY)


There's a serious controversy here as Ospreay kicked out at 2.9. The crowd is not happy at all. The United Empire protests.

Osprey has a serious gripe here. Moxley welcomes a rematch BUT he wants Hiroshi Tanahashi. He lays the challenge out for Washington DC on May 14th.  

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