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By Dave Scherer on 2022-05-11 10:00:00

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You said that Regal has copyrighted the “Lord Steven Regal” name.  What if former AWA mainstay “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal wanted to make a comeback as a manager or commentator (I assume that at age 71 [Wikipedia] he wouldn’t be attempting a comeback as a wrestler).  Would he still be able to use that name, or would the copyright on “Lord Steven …” prevent him from doing so?

I believe that Steve Regal is his actual name, so I don’t think he could be stopped from using it.  Even if it wasn’t, I would think he could make the case that Steve Regal and Lord Steven Regal are two different names, especially with the latter going by William now.

Besides Bron Breakker do you see anyone in NXT as future stars in the main roster?

Sure!  Who?  I can't say.  It all depends on who Vince McMahon and his team take a shine to, but NXT 2.0 is being created in Vince's vision so talent will come through there that he will see something in.

I gained a lot of respect for FTR from that match they had with each other. They did a lot of the same moves as Bret & Owen did many years ago when they went against each other. So it was like they were paying tribute to them through their match. And you have to respect people who do that, don’t you think?

I know I sure do respect it!

Since everyone and their grandmother is expecting the Randy turn.. should WWE turn Riddle instead?

I don't think either should turn any time soon.  It's not time and doing it would just be a silly Vince Russo type of swerve.  I wouldn't even think of turning either any time soon.  They are a rarity in WWE, an over act.


Yeah, I don’t get it either but hey, if people like it who am I to say it’s goofy!

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