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By Mike Johnson on 2022-03-26 10:00:00


I saw the MJF: Scars and Scarves PPV is all CZW footage.  When was he in CZW?

MJF was in CZW from 2015-2018.  During that run, he was the CZW Champion and a two-time CZW Wired Champion.  

What do you think the future of Bandido will be?  He hasn't been rumored to head to WWE or AEW or anywhere now that ROH is being sold.

My understanding is that Bandido's work visa under ROH will soon be expiring (as they obviously weren't getting them renewed before the sale to Tony Khan), so until he gets that renewed, his short term future will probably be working events in Mexico.  A lot of international talents from ROH are probably in a similar position - as their visas run out, they are going to have to apply for new ones.  So, if you start to see some of those talents disappear from independent dates this summer, there's a reason why.

Back when Gabe Sapolsky was selling ECW programs, did you ever see him someday working for WWE?

You are talking 1994.  I don't think I saw anyone who was working for ECW back then, except for Paul Heyman, as someone who conceivably would have been working for WWF at the time.  That place was the Land of Misfit toys.  It was all talents who had been passed over in WCW and WWF tryouts, talents who never would have been considered for those companies or talents who had runs there who had for whatever reason exited there and didn't seem likely to go back.  To ask if I thought the kid selling the Sabu Fan Club membership and programs would work for WWE is like asking whether anyone thought the kid sitting in the first row once a month - me! - would end up writing about this stuff for a living.  The answer would be no, but life had a different plan.  I'd say it's pretty crazy how far he made it and he should be proud of the run.  He influenced a lot in the last 20 years of pro wrestling.

Why hasn't Konnan been on MLW TV?  Is he gone?

He's been around but I believe he wasn't at the Charlotte taping.  He's still with the company but when you have someone as awesome as Julius Smokes working for you as a mouthpiece for 5150, Konnan doesn't HAVE to be at every show.  Smokes can handle that side of things as much as needed.

Did they ever find a American TV or streaming outlet for FMW-E shows?

Not that I am aware.  I was hoping personally they would land on FITE but nothing ever seemed to happen in that regard.

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