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By Mike Johnson on 2022-03-14 11:31:00

Last week, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T sat down with to discuss Reality of Wrestling's planned Wrestlemania 38 weekend events in association with Jerry Bostic's World Class Pro Wrestling.  During the conversation, the idea of Sharmell, Booker's wife being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame came up.  

Booker commented:

"Man I tell people all the time, Sharmell has definitely been underrated for what she's done in the business, for the business. I tell people all the time there would have never been a King Booker run if it wasn't for Shamell - that thing was created around her. My career was definitely furthered with Sharmell by my side. I don't think we would have ever seen that character if it wasn't for Sharmell, as well as you know, the small things that one does for this business. We have Reality Of Wrestling - we're definitely thinking about the next generation of professional wrestling. Definitely I think she's worthy of being in the Hall of Fame, plus she's my queen."

On the idea of being able to induct her after paying tribute to Sharmell during his own Hall of Fame induction, Booker noted:

"I tell you, having that moment for me, it was a heartfelt moment. It was true - it was from the heart, and for me to be able to flip the script, it would really be awesome because she deserves it, not just because she's the mother of my kids, but she's been a true warrior to this cause for so long, and to have not gotten that be recognized that way, I think it would be pretty, pretty cool."

The complete Booker T transcript will be released later this week.

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Transcription by Billy Krotchsen.

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