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By Kendall Jenkins on 2022-03-07 11:51:00

It is much more difficult to find a job for those who are already disappointed in their current place of employment, but do not yet know what they want. In our article, we'll tell you how to find your profession.

Take a test

The career guidance test helps you find the field that best meets your aspirations and abilities. The results of the test show you the direction to take and the skills you need to develop through basic or continuing education.

The test is based on a scale of a person's suitability for certain areas:

  • interaction with other people;

  • work with technology;

  • sphere of algorithms (sign system);

  • figurative and creative thinking;

  • everything related to nature.

After taking the test, you will receive the results, which will indicate the types of suitable occupations, as well as the character traits that are important for a particular field.

No less interesting is the Myers-Briggs personality type test (MBTI), which consists of 60 questions. As a result, you get a decoding of personality based on individual psychological features. The personality typology includes four scales. The test allows you to identify the predisposition to a particular professional sphere, the principle of decision-making, the typical course of action and other character traits. All of these help to determine your preferred occupation.

Get coaching

A professional coach has a variety of techniques that can identify a person's inner aspirations, inclinations and purpose. A good example of such tools is the Dilts Pyramid, a versatile method that takes into account your answers and identifies your deepest desires.

The pyramid consists of certain levels, each of which is a mini-questionnaire. Coaching can be done independently, the main thing is to answer honestly to yourself.

Recall favorite childhood games

As children, we are fascinated by those games that match our interests and in which we are most successful.

Sometimes it's enough to think back to your childhood years to find out the area that brought you the most satisfaction. What attracted you, in spite of the workload of lessons, possible bans or parent-imposed sections and circles? Did you prefer sports games and used economics homework help to save some time for sport? Or were you willing to spend hours looking through animal encyclopedias? Perhaps you liked to put on theatrical performances at home? Maybe you liked to make handicrafts and just for the sake of this activity you were ready to quickly disembark from classes?

Try to remember what captivated you as a child. This will help prioritize, identify areas for their own realization, as well as making it easier to find the answer to the question of where to get the best job.

"If I were fully endowed, what would I want to do?"

Such a question will get the brain centers responsible for creative skills and imagination working. As you ponder it, you will be able to discover inner doubts and fears, and realize the volume of social and parental opinions that have been accumulated by years of living.

You can return to thinking about this question again and again, until the answer you find becomes a motivator and spurs you to take action in the direction given.

Perhaps an answer will come to mind that, for some reason, cannot be realized in part or in full. For example, "I would be the first settler on Mars. In this case, it is necessary to find out what attracted you so strongly to this profession. After that, you can consider alternative spheres that would reveal your core values to the same extent.

When you find your vocation, don't rush into it headfirst. It's better to seamlessly transition from your current area of work to the one you want to do. Perhaps it is worth combining both areas.

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