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By Mike Johnson on 2022-03-02 14:38:00

Lisette Pineda, who held the position of Manager of Global Talent Strategy and Development for World Wrestling Entertainment, was recently let go by the company, has confirmed.

Pineda worked extremely close to Paul Levesque in a role described to PWInsider as Levesque's "top executive assistant", so without him around, some in the company have relayed to us it was probably just a matter of time before she exited as Levesque has still yet to return to work full-time for the company since dealing with his heart issues and without him there, her role was limited at best.

Pineda's departure also sparked discussion and wonder as to whether Levesque is ever coming back as many who used to be in constant communication with him haven't spoken with him in some time and there's no indication he's anywhere close to stepping back into his former roles for the company.  Obviously, there's never been (and should not be) a timeline for his return, but Pineda's exit has been seen as a sign by some that it will be still some time (at the least) before Levesque is close to coming back.

Pineda joined the company in January 2020, previously holding a position with Goldman-Sachs before coming to WWE.

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