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By Mike Johnson on 2022-02-27 10:00:00

Any updates on Asuka or Bayley?

Nothing yet.  The hope internally was for Asuka to return this month but obviously there's been nothing for her creatively.  Other than hearing from fans who spotted her in Los Angeles recently, we haven't heard anything additional on the Asuka front.

We've always heard March as the expected return for Bayley.

Is it possible they are being held off to return after Wrestlemania?  Of course, that wouldn't be the first time such a thing has happened.

Jeff Hardy has backpedaled on his claims of going to AEW.  What say you?

I say we see Hardy in AEW by the second week of March, if not sooner, but that's my gut feeling, not anything I have confirmed.  It was obvious that Hardy didn't realize he was being filmed when he made his comments, so I don't blame him for backing off on them.

I've seen some knock your reporting on the Cody Rhodes situation and that he wasn't in Florida for WWE.  Thoughts?

We never reported he was there for WWE. 

We noted one source believed he could be in Orlando at the Performance Center on that specific weekend.  Note the word COULD.  We then reported that Cody was spotted in Orlando's airport on a specific Saturday, which was confirmed by Rhodes when he posted from Orlando on his own Instagram account.  We never reported he was 100% at the PC or would be there, just what one source believed and then that Rhodes was indeed in Orlando several days later, which lined up with what the source believed.

Our last article about him being in Orlando event noted, "So, that confirms the report we received that Rhodes was spotted in the Sunshine State today but whether he was there for something WWE-related as well remains to actually be seen." 

If anyone is claiming we reported something we didn't, they should register for a reading comprehension class.  It's quite simple to read what was written.

Do you think Warner Bros. could resurrect their old WWE animated movies with Scooby Doo with AEW stars?

It's possible but we've never heard anything in terms of that being something that's ever been actively worked on.

If Tony Khan is saying his big announcement is bigger than just a talent, what could it be?

I haven't heard what the announcement could be, but let's look at it this way, what could be bigger than just a talent?  AEW acquiring it's own building, acquiring another promotion, an international expansion, a new TV deal with WarnerMedia - all these things would be bigger than "just" a talent acquisition.  So, I'd place odd and theories in those directions.

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