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By Mike Johnson on 2022-02-19 23:03:00

There appears to have been a much bigger reason for Bobby Lashley being taken out of the WWE Elimination Chamber match earlier today in Saudi Arabia, a shoulder injury.

Kazeem Famuyide, who formerly worked for WWE, stated on the Ringer Wrestling Show podcast following the PPV that he had heard Lashley was dealing with a shoulder issue stemming from a Brock Lesnar suplex during their Royal Rumble match and could be looking at surgery that would keep the former WWE Champion out of action for several months., in asking several WWE sources this evening about Famuyide's report, was able to confirm that Lashley is slated to get looked at sometime this coming week in Birmingham, Alabama, which is where Dr. James Andrews, who handles a number of WWE talent surgeries, is situated.  Whether this means Lashley will miss Raw this Monday or not we have not confirmed, but Famuyide's report as well as our own independent sourcing could likely explain why WWE announced earlier today Lashley "suffered a concussion" and was now under the company's "medical protocol."

More as we confirm.

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