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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-25 09:33:00

For those who have asked about the rumors of Ronda Rousey making the rounds for a Royal Rumble return this Saturday, here is what we can confirm:

*At least one WWE official flew after TV last week to California to meet with Rousey.

*We can also confirm that according to WWE sources, Rousey's makeup artist and stylist when she last worked for WWE, Abraham Esparza, is slated to be at the PPV and Raw this coming week.  We are told that that has been locked in for weeks and weeks.

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*In speaking to a number of sources who are intricately aware of Rumble plans, we were told "it's all on Rousey" and whether she wants to pull the trigger on the return, but the company is ready for it and wants it for Wrestlemania.  Rousey vs. Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair would obviously add some juice to Wrestlemania 38 if they go in that direction.

Rousey has not competed for WWE since Wrestlemania 35 but WWE President Nick Khan stated in April 20201 that Rousey would return "at a certain point in time", which was set.  Rousey and her husband Travis Browne announced the birth of their first daughter together in September 2021.  The same month, Rousey's ESPN+ series Rowdy's Places, which explores combat sports culture and history debuted, including an episode with Kurt Angle.  An episode taped in Philadelphia featuring Paul Heyman and D-Von Dudley was also filmed but has yet to debut on the streaming service.


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