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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-24 13:48:00

For those who asked why the main event of last night's Game Changer Wrestling THE WRLD ON GCW PPV in NYC went so short, we are told that the Briscoes vs. Matt Tremont & Nick Gage was never slated to go long but they also had a hard out to end the PPV on time and wanted time for Gage to cut a promo at the end.  There were several matches that had times cut over the course of the night and several video packages pulled from the show as they were running behind, which is the nature of live TV as opposed to doing a live stream online.

Gage claimed he wasn't booked for the show the day before online, but my guess is that was a red herring to make sure he got a massive pop.  Fans were chanting for him all night, so if it was anyone but Gage at the end, it wasn't going to get over live.  A lot of readers seemed to expect FTR to be the team challenging The Briscoes.  That was never in the cards for the GCW show.  Gage and Tremont were not around before the show, so the company did their best to hide them from prying eyes.

The PPV was directed by Michael Moran.  Giancarlo Ditamo produced and directed the excellent video pieces that aired for the show.  The show is available for replays on FITE and on all the major PPV outlets.  

Mick Foley responded to Matt Cardona wearing a "F*** Mick Foley" flannel last night at the Game Changer Wrestling THE WRLD ON GCW PPV in NYC:

Based on the angle last night, it would appear Sean Waltman will be teaming with Joey Janela against Cardona and Brian Myers, either at Wrestlemania weekend in Dallas or perhaps Los Angeles where Waltman resides.

We are told that while there were scrapes and bruises, there were no major injuries last night beyond Matt Cardona potentially breaking his nose.  We have not 100% confirmed that but he was seen backstage with a lot of gauze packed in his nose.  Given the amount of crazy spots and bumps, that's pretty miraculous.

The idea to bring in Bill Alfonso to be there with Sabu came together about a week ago.  It was a really nice moment.

For those who asked about Nick Wayne being off the show, he was in attendance and was not injured.  He noted on Twitter it was beyond his or GCW's control, so my educated guess is the New York State Athletic Commission were being extreme stricklers as there's been a lot of rumblings of late about them not being very lenient about the rule book lately at independent shows.    Depending on who from the Commission is assigned to the show could often be the difference between an easy night and a scorching headache for promoters.

ROH alumnus Amy Rose was handling timekeeping last night.

Jose and Joel Maximo were visiting at the show.   There was talk of them working in GCW in the future.  Obviously, they have feuded a LOT with the Briscoes in the past at the start of their respective careers, so they could revisit that.  

Sam Roberts and Julius Smokes were also in the house.   

There were a lot of family and friends of those associated with the company in attendance as well and it very much felt like a big moment for everyone live in the Hammerstein.  I was there live when ECW debuted on PPV and for the debuts of ROH and AEW and this show had that same sort of live electricity in the room.  It was truly special for those there.

Yes, that Vladimir the Superfan accosted by Jeff Jarrett last night:

Obviously the Jarrett-EFFY storyline isn't done.  That story might end before WWE ever releases the Vladimir documentary!

Homicide commented on his match with Jon Moxley last night, writing, "I lost but I lost to a great fighter.  Now I could relax.  .Thank you to all the fans with their kinds words of my getting into Hall of fame.  Never got the call get to top promotion but I realize this is better.  Now back to homicide.  F**k covid 19.#187HOF"

GCW returns to Houston, Texas on 2/4 with Fight Club 2 at the Houston Premier Arena, TX with Tony Deppen vs. Bryan Keith, Matt Tremont vs. Sadika, plus
Second Gear Crew, Drago Kid, Dante Leon, Ninja Mack and more.  The show will stream on FITE.TV.

GCW returns to Dallas, Texas on 2/5 at The Irving Arena in Dallas, TX with Psycho Clown vs Gringo Loco, Dr. Wagner Jr.'s GCW debut, Mike Bailey and more.  GCW will also be running Dallas over the course of Wrestlemania 38 weekend in March and April.

As of today, there is no set return yet to the Hammerstein Ballroom but one would think that's coming when the promotion builds to it.  

The PPV was sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Orange Crush and we are told those sponsorships will continue forward with the promotion.

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