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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-22 13:30:00

In asking around about potential AEW deals that are coming up, three names have been mentioned most prominently to me today:

*Marko Stunt, who last performed for the company in September 2021.  Stunt has not been at AEW events of late and the Jurrasic Express name has quietly been dropped in recent weeks with Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy simply being announced under their respective ring names.

*Joey Janela, who has been with the company since it was formed and most recently wrestled for AEW against Eddie Kingston in Charlotte, NC on an episode of Dark.

*Brian Cage, who last wrestled for the promotion in October 2021 but had been backstage regularly since that time period.

Earlier today, Lio Rush announced his deal with AEW expires next month. 

All three have deals that are slated to expire in the coming months, although until their current contracts lapse, there's always a chance they and AEW come to terms on a new contractual agreement.   Neither they nor AEW have made any public statement about deals ending or when those expiration dates may be.

There may also be others beyond the names we have heard with slated to expire as well.


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