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By Kendall Jenkins on 2021-12-02 09:39:00

Wrestling has been popular since time immemorial since Gladiators fought in arenas to thrill the masses; we have all loved this slot game. The World Wrestling Entertainment has been the face of the sport worldwide, people have enjoyed the excitement of this sport, and thus online betting providers have worked creatively to create online slots themed around wrestling. Wrestling themed slots are quite popular among casino slot games, and in this piece, we will discuss some of the top wrestling themed online slots.

The best casinos online such as online casino Japanese provide revolutionized means to enjoy these wrestling-themed games, offering numerous bonuses, smooth graphics and easy payouts.

WWE Legends: Link & Win

The link and win slot is one of the most appealing WWE slots for players, with generous payouts of up to 25,000 X you bet. This Microgaming's wrestling theme slot comes with 5 reels, 25 Paylines and 3 bonus features. A player must land 3, 4, or 5 corresponding symbols to create a winning sequence.

You can select and adjust the coin icons on the screen to modify your bet per spin. The auto-play mode allows players to set auto spins in increments of 5 between 10 and 100. You can manually stop these spins using the spin button, and quick spins are also available. This age has an RTP of 96.4% with a hut frequency rate of 28.39%. Thus you have a good chance of creating a winning combination. The W.W.E logo is the WIld, and it replaces coin symbols except for scatters.

The wild yields 1, 10 or 20 times your total stake if you land on 3, 4 or 5 on a playline. Some scatter symbols can trigger a free spins bonus round that can give up to 15 free spins. This wrestling themed online slot game has incredible features that make it spectacular.

Hulkamania Slot

Even if you are not a wrestling fan, you must have heard of Hulk Hogan. Many WWE slot machines online feature this legend in their wrestling slots. Hulkamania is quite famous in online casinos and has added texture to themed online casino gaming. The names feature the alphabet that spells his name on each of the five reels; Hulk is seen with his trademark avatar posing in various reels.

There are abundant scatters, wilds, bonus rounds and free spins, making it one of the most attractive online casino games for wrestling fans; the jackpot can offer you 1000X your stake.

Andre the Giant Slot

Most wrestling slot games are built around wrestlers, and this one is not an exception. Andre the Giant is one of the most iconic wrestlers ever; this game features 25 paylines and a 5-reel set up with pictures of Andre and all the other features you would expect from a wrestling game. This themed slot has superb peculiarities and unique symbols, such as boots, wrestlers, hot dogs, and so on. The game gets more intriguing as, in the end, you get to see Andre's signature moves. Free bonuses are numerous if you play this themed slot correctly.

Sensational Superstars Slot

Although most online slot games have similarities, take a spin with your favourite superstars in this themed slot. The game features some of the most sensational superstars in the world. This game is fun and exciting and is available on many platforms; with a casino minimum deposit $1, one can be lucky to score huge on this 5-reels game. Gamers can spin certain superstar combinations that offer in-game rewards, such as the random Bella Twins Double Trouble wilds. Gamblers can boost their scores by banking on money in the bank bonus multiplier; this bonus increases your winnings.

Apart from the free rewards, this game is known for its authenticity and offers a Las-Vega like experience in its gameplay. Black Diamond went all the way to create something as advanced and svelte as this, and the graphics allow users to navigate the game quickly and smoothly. This game is accessible on mobile platforms, thus making it very convenient and private.

Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre is themed around Mexican pro wrestling. RTG invested creative resources to succeed in this game; this game is similar to Isoftbet's Nacho libre. Although there are few differences between the two, the graphics and maybe symbols are the most conspicuous and noticeable.

Lucha was released in 2018 by RTG and remained a classic to date. Its set-up is a 5-reel, 30-pay line set up with an RTP of 95%. This nonprogressive game features, Characters (Referee, Tequila shots with Lime, Green Peppers, Cola Drinks, stickers, Albums, Nerdy Spectators), multipliers, scatters (the Mucho Mayhem triggers the Time-to-Rumble character. Whereas the Fist scatter activates the Fist of Fury), wilds, rewards and has a jackpot of 50000X bet per line. If this doesn't sweep you off your feet, the bunch of wrestler wilds and extreme multipliers will. It is available to be enjoyed on desktop and mobile devices so that you can join the cheering crowd next to the ring and experience Nacho in action.


Many betting platforms have introduced wrestling-themed games, and this has been blowing off the roof. Gamblers enjoy this theme and have invested all around the world. Many gambling platforms have established strong guidelines and policies to foster responsible gambling among users. Schemes have been developed to ensure that wrestling-themed events are contained and fun enough to keep users coming back to gamble responsibly.

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