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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-30 15:57:00

For those who have asked about Carmella getting rocked by a Rhea Ripley clothesline last night, one source noted that she had obviously taken a hard shot during the ten woman tag and was checked out backstage after the match..  During the bout, she took a moment to recover and then continued to perform before tagging out.    Off camera during the bout, WWE had someone checking on Carmella to make sure she was OK.  Carmella never left the ring apron and did everything that had been scheduled for her during the match.

There were a lot of people backstage who were thrilled with the women's tag, feeling a lot of talents rose to the occasion after being given three segments during Raw.  Dana Brooks was praised for taking the big bump to the outside from the top rope where she was caught by the other women in the bout.  Doudrop was given a lot of praise backstage for her work as well.   The plan was to use the bout to get over Liv Morgan as a challenger for Becky Lynch next week and the feeling was that they all accomplished that goal.

There were a few segments that had time cut last night after the early contract signing and Edge-Miz segments ran a bit long.  

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