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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-22 19:32:00

We are live in Brooklyn, NY at The Barclays Center and will be updating all night!

The crowd is really light at the start of the show.  They are moving people from the upper decks down, exchanging their tickets.  We will see how it fills up as they get closer to Raw.

They open with a music video welcoming fans back.

WWE Main Event:

*Mansoor vs. Drew Gulak.  Solid action.  Gulag avoids a tornado DDT.    Gulak used a one-legged Boston Crab but Mansoor escaped.  Mansoor put on his own crab but Gulak made it to the ropes.  Mansoor nailed a leaping neckbreaker for the pin.  Good.

*They do a live cutaway for the USA Network.

*The Viking Raiders vs. Los Lotharios.  The crowd popped for the Raiders' Pyro.   Lotharios tried to doubleteam Ivar but it didn't work out so well.  Raiders tease stereo dives but Lotharios run away.  Humberto took over on Erik and he was worked over for some time before making the tag.  Ivar missed a bronco buster.  Los Lotharios nailed Erik with a double kick combination for the pinfall.  Solid all the way through.

*They introduced the Raw announce team.

*The crowd keeps yelling YERR which is a slang in NYC for greeting someone, sort of like a 2021 YOOO.

*They aired a Wrestlemania music video after Riddle's entrance while on commercial break.

*Massive reaction for Becky Lynch entrance.

* They had Becky standing around for the entire commercial break including while the ring announcer was doing a Dance Cam deal to get fans to dance on the video screens.  Steve Austin never had to deal with that.

*Becky's promo was awesome.

*Big reaction for Bianca Belair.

*They aired the Stephen Colbert WWE segment from last week while on commercial before Bianca vs. Tamina.

*The crowd was singing along to Seth Rollins' music after it ended.

*They aired a 25 Best Instagram Photos of the week video.

*They then had fans imitating John Cena for the video walls.

*The Seth Rollins-Finn Balor attack was great until a fan legit tackled Seth and had to be taken down in a front facelock.  The fan was grabbing at Rollins' hair, tearing at it.  Security dragged him off.  Looks like WWE should be calling Atlas Security.

*Brooklyn took to the The Women's Tag Team Title change and also popped for the Dana Brooke 24/7 title win.

*After Bobby Lashley's entrance, they asked fans to imitate the Undertaker on the video screens.

*Big pop for the Mysterios.

*Before the main event, they had fans doing a "Hulk Up" imitation for Hulk Hogan on the screens.

*Big E vs. Austin Theory was solid, but the crowd didn't react to it as if it was a main event.

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