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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-21 23:48:00

There was some worry and what was described to me as a "minor freak out" backstage during the main event of Survivor Series as they were concerned about running out of time for the show. They were slated to go off the air no later than 11:35 PM Eastern and still had the main event still to go. They actually were done with enough time , but in the moment there were some wondering why there was so much time alloted to entrances for the Men's Elimination match. 

Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon were backstage.  No Triple H.

Nothing of note happened after the PPV went off the air.  Roman went to the back and then Big E followed.  Brooklyn seemed as if they were waiting for a surprise entrance but there was no one.

Vince McMahon's golden egg being stolen with a cliffhanger for Raw is obviously a Netflix promotional crossover for 'Red Notice' in the same vein as the zombies popping up to promote 'Army of the Dead.'

Actor Kieran Culkin was sitting ringside.

Big E's robe and gear were inspired by, believe it or not, Seinfeld.

In regard to the match order of the show, one source stated the order in which the matches took place were locked in weeks ago.  However, there were members of production today who had the entire show blocked out in reverse early this afternoon.  

Producers for the PPV were:

Nakamura vs. Priest - Abyss.

Lynch vs. Flair - Tyson Kidd.

Men's Elimination - Shawn Daivari, Adam Pearce, Jamie Noble (Note from Mike:, I incorrectly originally listed Shane Helms for this bout).

Usos vs.  RK-Bro - Shane Helms.

Women's Elimination - Tyson Kidd, Pat Buck

Reigns vs. E - Michael Hayes.


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